Career Choices for Your Sign

Although the job market may be tight, doing work you like is always a big help. Whether looking for a new job or a career change consider using your Sun sign traits to help you.

If you’re already employed think about how you can use your unique talents in your current position. It may lead to more productivity and fun!

Here are some quick tips and career ideas to get you started:


Action oriented Aries is energetic, competitive and loves action. This sign would be well suited to a military career. EMT (emergency medical technician) jobs might also be appealing. Aries also rules the head, so hair stylist or makeup artist are possibilities.


Safety, security and comfort are Taurus traits. Banking, investments and financial planning are ruled by this sign. Maybe the sign of the Bull can bring stability to the stock market! Taurus also relates to the finer things in life so a retail position in an upscale store might work well.

Whether looking for a new job or a career change consider using your Sun sign traits to help you.


Great with information, communication and multitasking, a Gemini would do well in journalism, blogging, or web design. This sign also makes a good teacher or instructor. Transportation also falls under this sign so consider taxi driver, chauffeur or truck driver.


A wonderful nurturer and very hospitable, a Cancer would do well in the hotel and hospitality industry. This sign would also make a great nurse and caregiver. Jobs in the food industry, real estate and interior design are also options. Being a homebody, working from home would be appealing.


Leo is gregarious and enjoys being the center of attention. This sign has star quality so acting or performing and politics are good choices. Even managing or assisting people in these positions would be rewarding. Don’t forget sales and marketing!


A detail oriented perfectionist like Virgo does well in government administrative positions. Accountant, lab technician, technical writer, Six Sigma expert, or professional organizer would showcase Virgo’s skills.


Libra is diplomatic, social, and loves beauty and harmony. Careers in law and justice, particularly arbitration are possibilities. If the legal profession is not appealing, anything involving fashion, flowers or social planning needs Libra’s touch.


Research, secrecy and even the dark side interests Scorpio. Detective, scientific researcher, CSI (crime scene investigator) all benefit from Scorpio’s skills. This sign also rules sex, death and taxes so that could include: sex therapist, fertility doctor or clinician, tax collector.


This sign is the represented by the centaur (half human and half horse). Any job related to horses or animals would be appealing. Sagittarius also rules distances so travel or global commerce and advertising would go well with this sign’s talents of bridging gaps and bringing ideas together. Missionary and clergy are also possibilities.


Skills like practicality, self discipline and determination belong to this sign. Capricorn is a natural for careers in security and mechanical repair. Many are drawn to history so a job in archaeology or research may work as well as museum curator or antique dealer.


Intellectual and trend setting, this sign is also ruled by Uranus the planet of surprises. Science, electricity and electronics are successful areas for Aquarius. Also humanitarian this sign makes a good psychologist, community organizer or volunteer.


This sign is creative, fantasy and occult oriented. Artist, writer or dancer may be options. Pisces and its Neptune ruler governs hospitals and prisons so any job related to these industries may work out well. Alcohol is also under this sign, so bartender or wine sommelier may be good choices.