The Zombie Apocalypse Reality

Sure, zombies are not real, but our reaction to them are. Why is our culture so obsessed with the zombie apocalypse?

Why is our culture so obsessed with the zombie apocalypse?

Touching Primal Fears

In modern society, we live rather than just survive. We've eliminated many immediate threats to survival, but primal parts of the brain are still programmed with the fear of being hunted by a hungry, instinct-driven predator. In addition, facing the undead puts us face to face with our mortality. Zombies tap those primal fears we've put on the back burner.

Fears about collapsing society and anarchy, losing all we’ve built, is also a frightening thought that haunts many dreams.

Hope for Change

Speaking of collapsing societies, to some people the thought is appealing. Not that they really want to see the misery and pain of so much death, but some love the idea of the end of things like government, capitalism and laws.

If the zombie apocalypse happened, a la shows like The Walking Dead, people could revert back to their nomadic state and be truly free. Everyone starts with a clean slate— no meaningless paper record about things like education level and how much money you owe. We go back to a level playing field.

So while walking dead-heads aren’t likely, the fears and hopes they stir within are very real. This is why they fascinate us so.