There are many techniques to enhance your positivity and boost your self-confidence, but there is one secret method that many of us overlook. It’s easy to use and according to research, it works very well! Read on to find out this simple secret.

Talking to Yourself in the Second Person

It may sound odd, but talking to yourself in the second person can do wonders! Doing so can help you feel more positive, improve your confidence, and even reduce social anxiety.

When pumping up your positivity, be sure to practice positive self-talk.

So, what does it mean to talk to yourself in the second person? Well, many of us talk to ourselves in the first person. “I can do this,” is an example. However, if you want to say the same thing in the second person, you’d change it to “You can do this.”

The easiest way to practice this is to pretend that you are talking to a friend. Worried about a big presentation? Say to yourself, “You will do a great job!” You get the idea.

Why This Method Works

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers found that this method works. When test subjects used the word “you” or even their names in place of “I” when engaging in self-talk, they fared better at public speaking and other performance tasks. In addition, they felt less overall stress and did less second-guessing afterwards.

So, why does this method work? Well, basically it’s like having a cheerleader or coach in your head. Your mind can view the situation from a different perspective. Using the second person helps you distance yourself from negative self-talk so that you can see things more clearly. It gets you outside of your head, so to speak.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

When pumping up your positivity, be sure to practice positive self-talk. Even when you use the second person, it is sometimes tempting to fall back into old, negative patterns.

Be conscious of how you talk to yourself, especially when things go awry. Did you make a huge blunder while on a date? Don’t say, “You’re so dumb.” Say something encouraging like, “You’ll do better next time.” Also be sure to focus on the things you’re doing right, like making your date feel special—and tell yourself so!

Try this secret method for yourself and see how it can improve your positivity!