Are you a highly sensitive person? If you find that you are overwhelmed by the energies and emotions of other people, take heart. Here are 9 survival tips to help you stay sane.

1. Clear Negative Energy

As a highly sensitive person or empath, you often pick up negative energy from people and situations—either unconsciously or deliberately in order to keep the peace. Use some energy clearing tools and techniques like smudging to cleanse yourself and your space.

Connecting with nature is an excellent way to combat overwhelming energies.

2. Ground Yourself

Grounding yourself is also an essential survival tip. Since you’re so sensitive to vibrations, connecting with the earth or centering yourself can give you strength and support. Walk barefoot on the grass or visualize a grounding cord running from your root chakra to the center of the planet.

3. Journal

Empaths sometimes have a hard time distinguishing their emotions from others. Keeping a journal and writing about your feelings can help.

4. “Me” Time

If you’re sensitive, you are naturally compassionate and a “giver.” Many times that results overextending yourself when helping others. Be sure to make some “me” time for yourself to rest and recharge.

5. Meditate

Meditation is essential to help you balance your energies and center yourself. It also strengthens your inner voice, so that you don’t succumb to other people’s thoughts and feelings.

6. Set Energetic Boundaries

Sorry to say, but when you’re highly sensitive, people often take advantage of you. Be it psychic vampires or strangers with sob stories, they can suck your energy. Set energetic boundaries by visualizing a protective bubble around yourself.

7. Soothe Yourself

Chances are you suffer from frazzled nerves now and then. Always make an effort to soothe yourself from time to time. Whether that means going for a massage, taking a bubble bath, or listening to relaxing music, be sure to do it.

8. Spend Time in Nature

Connecting with nature is an excellent way to combat overwhelming energies. Take a walk in the park, do a little gardening or hug a tree. You’ll feel much more grounded.

9. Use Crystals

Empaths and sensitives benefit from protective and grounding crystals like hematite, black obsidian, red jasper and smoky quartz. Put a stone or two in your pocket or purse to carry with you. You can also place some in the corners of your home or workspace to help clear and balance the energies.