What Your Hair Color Says About You

You know the old saying about blondes having more fun, but is it really true? Well, you may be surprised to know that your hair color actually does say something about you.

If You’re a Blonde

Guess what? You do actually have more fun! Researchers have found that people view blondes as sexier. As a natural blonde, you also tend to be more adventurous and outspoken when compared to your non-blonde peers. But even blondes from a bottle can display these attributes.

If you’re blessed with black tresses, you are pretty deep.

As for the dumb blond jokes? This is simply a stereotype and the good news is, it’s one that is going away. Most people perceive blondes to be just as intelligent as brunettes.

Here’s another fun fact: blondes tend to attract more attention. And a not so fun fact: blondes are also more likely to get divorced.

If You’re a Brunette

Brunettes may be among the most common shade, but if you have brown hair, you’re anything but common! People view you as trustworthy, hardworking and responsible.

You also have one up on your other hued sisters. You are seen as more intelligent. And when it comes to hiring, brunettes are more likely to get the job!

Here’s something else. Research also indicates that natural brunettes cope with stress better than any of the other hair colors. You know how to keep a cool head!

If You’re a Redhead

Whether light red or deep auburn, if you’re a redhead, people probably assume you have a temper. You may or may not, but scientists have found that you do tend to be more feisty, passionate and emotional.

But wait, there’s more! You are also seen as very creative and super seductive.

And here are some more interesting facts. If you’re a natural redhead, you are more susceptible to the effects of stress and you also have a lower tolerance for pain.

If You’re Raven Haired

If you’re blessed with black tresses, you are pretty deep. You’re not afraid to explore the depths of your psyche. Maybe that’s why Goth girls go for that black dye job!

Gifted with the ability to see the big picture, you often have great insights as well.

Another interesting tidbit, many natural dark haired beauties also have a knack for finances.