Most if not all of us experience challenges when trying to improve ourselves. As we strive to eliminate negative habits and promote positive ones, our willpower comes into play.

Whether dealing with diet and exercise, eliminating negative thoughts or addictive behaviors, willpower keeps us on track towards our goals. Did you know that you can actually strengthen your willpower by balancing your third chakra?

What is the Third Chakra?

The third chakra is one of seven main chakras or energy centers within the human body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and refers to the wheel-like motion of these vortexes as seen by ancient mystics.

Whether dealing with diet and exercise, eliminating negative thoughts or addictive behaviors, willpower keeps us on track towards our goals.

Psychic and energy healers can also see or sense these areas and note if they have any imbalances or weaknesses. The third chakra is located in the upper abdominal region of the body known as the solar plexus. It is also related to the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen. The color yellow is associated with this chakra.

The Third Chakra and Willpower

So how does the third chakra coincide with willpower? Essentially this chakra is houses our center of personal power or “will.” Its frequency and vibration represents the characteristics of self esteem, discipline and self control.

People with a healthy balanced third chakra appear self confident, determined and filled with purpose. On the other hand, those with a weak, blocked or imbalanced third chakra will seem emotionally depressed and unsure of themselves. When you hear people say “it takes guts,” they’re really talking about the third chakra.

Imbalances within this chakra can also cause physical issues like ulcers, stomach troubles, indigestion and nausea. Any ailment in this region of the body is likely related to an imbalanced third chakra.

However by healing this chakra, it can help with these issues. Most of all it can help promote emotional strength, confidence, perseverance and determination. This added willpower boost can be used towards your goals!

How to Balance Your Third Chakra

There are a number of ways to balance your third chakra. Try exploring the internet for ideas under “chakra balancing” or “third chakra balancing.” Consulting with a psychic or energy healer is another idea. Here are a few other options to try: meditation, yoga and crystals.

Meditation is a great tool. Begin by sitting comfortably in a straight backed chair with your feet flat on the floor. You can sit in the lotus position if you prefer. Close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed and rhythmic way.

Visualize your third chakra as a clear yellow ball of energy or yellow flower petals in the solar plexus area. Notice if there are any dark or misshapen areas. Now imagine the yellow color becoming more vibrant and repairing any imperfections. Feel a warm energy in this area and let it move throughout your entire body. Continue the meditation for as long as you like. Stand up and stretch when finished.

Yoga poses can help loosen up blocked energy within chakras. The physical positions or asanas that work well for the third chakra are half boat pose and twist poses. The half boat pose begins in a sitting position, and then legs are lifted and extended with knees bent. The arms are either held out straight or hands can grasp behind the knees.

Twisting poses work well too, whether standing or seated. If you’re not into yoga, just twisting at the waist can help. Always check with your health care provider before starting an exercise program and listen to your body.

Using crystals is a fun way to help balance your third chakra. Practically any yellow colored crystal will enhance the energy vibrations of this area. Some nice options are citrine, yellow topaz or peridot.

Even tiger’s eye and actual gold as metal can be used. You can either wear the crystals as jewelry or hold them while meditating. You can even lie on your back and place them on your solar plexus region for about 10-30 minutes. Trust your intuition and see what works best.

No matter which method you choose, by balancing your third chakra you can strengthen your willpower. A strong will can only help you along on the journey. You can do it!