Want to improve your health? Besides doing all the recommended things like eating right, exercising and getting regular checkups, you might want to work with a healing guide.

What Is a Healing Guide?

A healing guide is essentially a spirit guide, but with one key difference—he or she specializes in healing.

Although spirit guides are adept at many things, they have certain talents, aptitudes and specialties—just like us! Many spirit guides had previous human incarnations, where they learned and perfected particular skills. Once they leave the earthly plane, they can also continue their studies in various subjects, including healing.

A healing guide is essentially a spirit guide, but with one key difference—he or she specializes in healing.

Healing guides, not unlike earthly medical professionals, can also choose a specialty. They range from psychologists to psychic surgeons and everything in-between. And just like earthly healers, healing guides can consult with each other and work together in order to provide you the best possible care.

What Can a Healing Guide Do for You?

A healing guide can help you with any health related issue—be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Whether it’s something minor like stubbing your toe or something major like recovering from surgery, a healing guide can work with you and aid your healing. Simply ask them to send healing energies to you.

Maybe you’re trying to improve your health with diet and exercise, but need some motivation. A healing guide can help with that too. He or she can give you the psychological boost in order to reach those goals.

A healing guide can even work with your regular physician or health care provider. Ask for your guide’s assistance during appointments or treatments.

Choosing Your Guide

Choosing your guide is simple. Start off by thinking about what kind of healing guide you’d like and what you want them to do. Create a list.

Next, get into a meditative position and close your eyes. Take a few slow, deep breaths in and out to relax your mind. Continue meditating for at least ten minutes or so.

When ready, call in your healing guide mentally or verbally. Ask that the healing guide for your highest and wisest good appears to partner with you.

Now visualize a cloud or spotlight and see your guide emerge. Ask for a name and get to know him or her. Congratulations! You now have an expert to help you boost your health!