Many spiritual masters remind us that we are human beings not human doings. But what does that mean exactly? Basically we are spiritual beings or consciousness residing in physical bodies. We are here on earth to live, experience things and learn which means “to be.” Yet at the same time we need to survive in the physical realm and that usually means working and earning a living or “doing.” Trying to balance the spiritual and the material is like being on a see-saw with one side as “being” and the other side as “doing.” How can we understand both sides and balance them?

The Human Being Side

The human being side is here to explore and learn in earth’s classroom. It wants to connect with the Divine and share that love with others. It also seeks unity and relationships with other beings. Things like karma, past life information and spiritual lessons are important aspects of our “being” natures. Emotions, joy and seeking higher knowledge are also associated with this part. Meditation, prayer, play and just “hanging out” are the activities most appreciated by our being sides.

Trying to balance the spiritual and the material is like being on a see-saw with one side as “being” and the other side as “doing.”

The Human Doing Side

This is the side that deals with the daily routines and chores. Here is where we do everything necessary to ensure our survival. Here is where we go to work and school, pay our bills and go through things on a more physical and practical level. Here is where we can get caught into the trap of feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel or just going through the motions. This is not to say that these things are unimportant or unnecessary. After all we do exist in a physical reality. There are some things we need to “do” in order to reach our physical and spiritual goals.

The Balancing Act

So now that we understand a little bit about each side, how can we balance them to work for our benefit? In most cases we spend way too much time on the doing side and too little on the being side. It is also important to understand that it isn’t necessary to have exactly equal amounts of time for each side. The point is to have enough “being” time and enough “doing” time to feel balanced. Those amounts can be different for each individual. Another thing to remember is that we are multidimensional beings. The being side is eternal and doesn’t work on a time schedule in the same way that the physical body does. Things take a lot longer to manifest on the physical level. So generally we will spend a bit more time on the physical side anyway. The key is to avoid neglecting the being side and to find the balance that works for you.

So what are some ways to find your balance? First make a conscious effort to have some down time for yourself. Even if you only start out with ten minutes in the morning and evening to just hang around and be lazy that’s fine. Just sit and “be.” You don’t need to do anything. Most of all don’t feel guilty for sitting and “being.” Another way to find balance is to start a meditation practice. Even if you only start out with a few minutes a day it is a great way to feed the “being” side of yourself. Try experimenting with meditation MP3’s or CD’s to get you going. Even devoting some time to sit and listen to relaxing music can help balance you. The idea is to pull you out of that mode of constant routine activity.

Finding balance isn’t limited to passive activities. You can express your being side through active play. Yes – play! Go take a walk in nature, try a sport, or hang out with your kids. Indoor play is great too. Board games, puzzles, painting, knitting; whatever you enjoy! Here again the idea is to take you out of the constant busy mode of doing so you can center yourself.

Achieving balance between human being mode and human doing mode is not always easy. We get so involved in the daily modes of survival that we forget to just “be.” But we are so much more than our jobs and our roles in society. We are spiritual beings with sparks of divine consciousness. Let’s take the time to recognize that within ourselves and others.