Boosting Your Health Through ‘Earthing’

Everyone is always looking for ways to get healthy. It's not that we have a shortage of ways to get healthy; the trick is finding one that fits into your lifestyle. If you are an outdoorsy, nature-loving type person, you may enjoy using the process of 'Earthing'.

What is Earthing?

Earthing, sometimes called 'grounding', is the process of draining excess energy that may be harmful or over-stimulating, into the Earth.
It works on the same principle as electronics placed on rubber mats. When something is out in the open, it collects all kinds of electric charges and energy from the atmosphere. This happens to the human body as well. Some people can actually get sick—everything from joint pain to auto-immune diseases—from this problem.

Earthing, sometimes called 'grounding', is the process of draining excess energy that may be harmful or over-stimulating, into the Earth.

Earthing is when you attempt to ground yourself through the Earth's surface. Not only are you able to drain away the excess energy built up inside of you, but you're also able to draw up Earth energy, which can be extremely soothing and healing.

We all have positive free radicals in the body that are not good for us-- build up can lead to various pains or inflammations and other conditions. The earth has negative electrons that decrease the pain, the inflammation, the free radicals, which brings about a holistic form of healing.

Low voltage meters used to read people in the process of grounding can actually detect the difference.

How is Earthing Accomplished?

There are different ways to accomplish Earthing, some very simple and some very extreme. It all depends on what you feel your body needs and benefits from when you try it.

One simply way for quick Earthing is to remove your shoes and walk barefoot in a natural area. Have you ever noticed how relaxed and refreshed you feel after a walk on the beach or after you walk through the grass with no shoes on? This is due to Earthing.
Another way is to sit on the ground for a while. Go have a picnic, or meditate in the park.

Some people like to go as far as sleeping on the ground-- this could be why some people are camping enthusiast. If you are one of those camping enthusiasts, you probably know the look when people gawk at you and ask, "Oh my God, you sleep on the ground outdoors?" You try to explain how for some reason it's not that uncomfortable and it's far more revitalizing than they might think. The reason you do feel so good when you get up in the morning, despite having slept on the ground, is you've been Earthing all night.

For those city slickers who don’t like the idea of skin coming into contact with dirt or sleeping overnight outdoors with the wildlife, there is a technological alternative for you. Some companies have created Earthing mats and Earthing sheets, which when you plug in mimics the grounding effects of the Earth. You can purchase these and sleep or lay on them from the comforts of your own home.

You don’t actually have to buy anything to try Earthing though—in fact you can kick off your shoes, run outside and try it right now. If it works for you, you may wish to incorporate Earthing into your daily health routine.