They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. That may be true, but your eye color is the window to your personality. Although every pair of peepers is unique, there are certain general traits associated with eye color groups.

Blue Eyes

If you were blessed with baby blues, you have one of the most desired eye colors. Blue-eyed people are seen as youthful, innocent and attractive with sociable personalities. They are sweet, thoughtful and kind. Many are also spiritually oriented.

Although every pair of peepers is unique, there are certain general traits associated with eye color groups.

Black Eyes

Black eyes are not truly black, but extremely dark brown. These people are sexy, adventurous, intense and passionate, but also very secretive. It takes a while to get to know them, but it’s definitely worth the effort, since they are very responsible and trustworthy.

Brown Eyes

Although it’s the most common eye color, brown-eyed people are anything but common. People with brown eyes are considered intelligent, loyal and independent. They are also since, warm and affectionate. Rumor has it that they are also excellent kissers.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are often mistaken for blue at first, but they change color much like an overcast sky. And like a changeable sky, gray-eyed people are flexible and adapt well to transitions. They are also analytical, patient, calm, cool and collected.

Green Eyes

Considered the sexiest eye color, people with green eyes are viewed as very attractive, but also mysterious and perhaps a little bit devious. Creative and curious, green-eyed folks are intelligent and have great powers of concentration, along with mental quickness.

Hazel Eyes

Not exactly green and not exactly brown, those with hazel eyes seem to have the best of both colors, and a great blend of personality traits too. They have diverse interests and love to try new things. Not ones to shy away from adventure, they’ll take intelligent, calculated risks. These folks are also spontaneous and fun to be around.

Violet Eyes

Violet eyes are rare, but Elizabeth Taylor made them famous. Those with violet eyes are magnetic and full of charisma (not unlike Ms. Taylor). They are quite imaginative and creative with wonderful visualization skills. Many are also perfectionists.

So the next time you try to see eye-to-eye with someone, be sure to check out his or her eye color and personality!