Empowering Yourself Through Synchronicity

We all experience it occasionally. The old song you’ve been humming all morning unexpectedly plays when you turn on the radio. You think about an old friend you haven’t heard from for a while, and are surprised by a call. There is a pile of magazines in a waiting room, and you’re drawn to one— only to find it has a helpful article on a problem you’ve been having.

There is a word for these kinds of events: synchronicity. And you can use it to your advantage.

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term that was coined by psychologist Carl Jung, and it refers to seemingly unrelated events that occur together in a manner that is meaningful. Other terms for synchronicity are ‘meaningful coincidences’ and ‘incoincident’. They reveal an underlying pattern that is not accidental.

Jung proposed that the collective unconscious was the part of the human psyche that was linked through archetypal images. He believed synchronistic events were rooted in the collective unconscious.

If synchronicity is meaningful events contrived by the collective unconscious, then our conscious selves can receive the messages embedded in the events.

How Can We Use Synchronicity to Benefit Our Lives?

If synchronicity is meaningful events contrived by the collective unconscious, then our conscious selves can receive the messages embedded in the events. These messages are meant to act as practical lessons— guidance from the higher self, which is the part of us that connects us to the universe and higher powers.

When you experience synchronicity, don’t shrug it off as chance. There is something to be learned, which means valuable wisdom is to be gained that will help you with your current situation.

Synchronicity helps you uncover patterns in your behavior that have not been beneficial to you. Have you had several relationships end the same way, or have the same frustrating patterns occurred in your finances, like over-drafting your checking account every January after the holiday season? This is because you’ve ignored the synchronicity between the events. Take the message and break the pattern. Move on from it in a healthier direction with a bit of wisdom gained.

Synchronicity can help you dodge bullets. Maybe you dream of an accident that causes you to change travel plans, only to find out there was a pile up on the highway. You may find you’ve had a pain that you chalked up to a sore muscle, then find an article that explains it is a symptom of a bigger health problem. You manage to nip it in the bud by going to the doctor.

Synchronicity can give you a second chance at a missed opportunity. You may get fired from a job you never liked, and hours later an advertisement for a class you’ve always wanted to take turns up in front of you. This is your cue that it’s time for a career change. You break up with someone, then days later run into your old high school crush, unexpectedly. Seize the moment— this may be the relationship you’ve actually been searching for all this time.

Intentional Synchronicity

Synchronicity is not something that only happens to you; sometimes it comes from you. Have you ever had faith that something would happen, and it did? Perhaps you had faith that somehow you’d make ends meet, and an unexpected income source popped up that was just enough to cover the rent. Maybe you were frustrated about a situation that you kept mulling over in your mind, and you unexpectedly ran into someone who had a solution.

Whenever you have need of something — even if you just need answers or guidance – have faith that what you seek is out there. Synchronicity will help you find it.