Edgar Cayce was one of the most prominent psychics of the early twentieth century. He was known as the “Sleeping Prophet” due to his trance-like method of gaining knowledge. Throughout his career he gave over 14,000 trance readings for his clients on a variety of subjects. Among those readings, 9000 of them were for health related issues. His most well known remedies are the basic diet, the apple fast and castor oil packs. In this three part series we will examine his remedies, beginning with diet.

The Basic Cayce Diet: Acid-Alkaline Balance

To maintain optimum health, Edgar Cayce recommended some basic dietary guidelines. The key was to provide the body with the appropriate acid-alkaline balance. Generally our blood should be at a pH level of 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. Anything below that is acidic and anything above is more alkaline. According to Cayce, a body that’s too acidic can suffer from ill health and disease.

To maintain optimum health, Edgar Cayce recommended some basic dietary guidelines. The key was to provide the body with the appropriate acid-alkaline balance.

The basic diet recommends eating a ratio of 80 percent alkaline forming foods to 20 percent acid forming foods. Alkaline foods include all vegetables with the exception of dried beans, lentils, garbanzos and asparagus tips. Fresh fruits are also included except for blueberries, cranberries, plums, prunes and olives. Almonds, Brazil nuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are also alkaline forming. As for acid forming foods, generally that means everything else: meats, dairy cereals and grains. The exceptions here are beef juice, bone meal, raw milk, buttermilk, yogurt, whey and soybeans, which are all considered alkaline.

The Basic Cayce Diet: Food Combinations

In addition to eating a proper ratio of acid and alkaline forming foods, Cayce also suggested avoiding certain food combinations that may cause digestive issues. Things like two or more starchy foods at the same meal or eating sugary and starchy foods together are discouraged. He also warned against large amounts of starchy foods eaten with meat or cheese.

Be mindful of your breakfast as well. Having cereals and citrus fruit or juice at the same time is discouraged. That sounds funny when you consider most traditional “healthy” breakfasts portray a heaping bowl of corn flakes or oatmeal with a tall glass of orange juice nearby. Cayce also said to avoid milk with citrus fruit or juice at the same meal. Even coffee with milk or cream is a no-no. So much for your traditional morning latte!

Finally, he suggested eating raw apples alone and not with other foods. Raw apples are considered more of a cleansing food and are highly recommended in the apple fasting cleanse we will explore in part two of this series.

Mealtimes and Food Preparation

Edgar Cayce would most definitely have been a fan of today’s organic and slow food movements. He stressed the importance of eating in a pleasant environment with the right frame of mind. Eating when tired, fearful or upset can turn otherwise healthy nutrients into toxic poisons.

Food preparation is also a key factor. Although GMO vs. organic was never an issue in Cayce’s time, he likely would have recommended eating organic foods. He did recommend using fresh, locally grown produce as much as possible.

As far as cooking goes, steaming vegetables in their own natural juices is important in order to preserve nutrients. Foods should never be fried and aluminum cookware should be avoided. Perhaps way back in the 1920’s Cayce already sensed the connection between aluminum cookware and potential health hazards.

Diet is a major component in achieving optimum health, as Cayce well knew. In the next part of this article we will look at his recommendations for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.