When it comes to sleep, most of us think about quantity and quality. For those of us who are a little more on the esoteric side, we’ll look at dreams and dream interpretation. But have you ever given any thought to your actual sleeping position? Believe it or not, your sleep position actually has meaning. Sleep positions give us clues about our personalities. What does yours reveal about you? Check out these common styles and see what they say.

The Fetal Position

If you curl up in a little ball at bedtime, lying on one side with your legs bent, that’s the fetal position. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a developing fetus, then you know exactly what this pose looks like. So does this position mean you’d rather escape back to the womb? Not really, however it does mean that you are sensitive and seek self-protection—particularly in new situations or when dealing with unfamiliar people. You may also present a tough or conservative exterior until you feel relaxed and confident.

Sleep positions give us clues about our personalities.

The Freefall Position

Do you sleep on your stomach with your head turned to one side while your arms curl around the pillow? If so, you exhibit the freefall position. You are likely an extrovert who can appear to be bold, brash and boisterous at times. Yet, way down deep inside you are secretly sensitive and thin-skinned, fearing criticism or having your motives questioned.

The Log Position

The log position doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll sleep like a log, but some people do find it very comfortable. If this is your favorite sleep position, chances are you’re sociable, agreeable, down to earth and easygoing. You are also very trusting and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. While these are great attributes, you do run the risk of having unscrupulous types take advantage of your good nature.

The Soldier Position

If you lie on your back with your arms at your sides resembling a soldier at attention, then not surprisingly, you sleep in the soldier position. Aside from the physical appearance, the soldier sleeper also tends to behave like a good soldier.

If you prefer this position, you tend to be the strong silent type. You are often reserved, quiet and like to keep an even keel. Generally you don’t make waves. You also are dutiful and have high expectations for yourself and others.

The Starfish Position

Lying on your back with your arms raised up near your head signifies the starfish position. With legs slightly apart, the body resembles a starfish shape. When you think of a starfish, you probably visualize it just hanging out on the beach. Or maybe you think of Patrick, the famous starfish cartoon friend of SpongeBob SquarePants. If so, you’re not too far off from the personality of this sleeper. You make a great friend and are an excellent listener. You may not always be as silly and innocent as Patrick, but you are very helpful and trustworthy. Generally you don’t like the limelight and prefer to stay in the background.

The Yearner Position

Yearners sleep on their side with arms stretched out before them as if they are doing a romantic pose yearning for a lover. But unlike a hopeless romantic, those who choose this sleep position hardly fall in love at first sight. If you are a yearner position sleeper, you carefully weigh and consider any and all factors before making a decision. It may take you a while, but once you reach a conclusion, your choice is firm and unwavering. Rarely do you have regrets.

Most of us exhibit a combination of styles during our slumber, but determining your favorite position can be telling.