Diet Tips for Your Sun Sign

Whether you’re looking to get in shape or just trying to focus on healthy eating, there are a myriad of diets out there. How do you choose? Although the best advice is always a sensible well balanced diet, using astrology can help you discover some great tips based on your Sun sign’s strengths and weaknesses.


Since you’re always on the go, sensible snacking is a priority for you. Avoid those quick trips to the drive through by making sure you always have some healthy snacks on hand. Lean protein is a must for you so keep some beef jerky or a bag of nuts nearby.


You’re the gourmand of the zodiac and really appreciate your wines, sauces and chocolates. No one is asking you to give up everything, but make an effort to cut down. Substitute fruits for sweets and opt for lighter sauces and dressings made with skim milk instead of cream.

Although the best advice is always a sensible well balanced diet, using astrology can help you discover some great tips based on your Sun sign’s strengths and weaknesses.


As a mentally oriented sign, you like to get those neurons firing with lots of caffeine. Limit your consumption of caffeine and eat more healthy brain foods like fish. High Vitamin C and antioxidant foods like oranges and berries are also helpful for you.


Comfort food is your diet downfall and you tend to be an emotional eater. When feeling stressed or sad, instead of going for the pint of Rocky Road ice cream, have sorbet or frozen yogurt. Better yet, take a walk, do some yoga or meditate.


Doing things is a big way is your style and that can mean overeating in general. Chances are that you overdo alcohol and fried foods. Limits the beer, wine and spirits by substituting sparkling or fruit infused water. Bake or broil your meats instead.


Of all the signs, you’re the one most likely to eat a healthy diet—and you’re probably doing so already! Virgos have sensitive nervous systems so focus on foods high in Omega 3 like fish, nuts and avocados. Also drink soothing teas like Chamomile and green tea.


As the Sign of the Scales, nobody needs a more balanced diet than you. Watch your carb intake to avoid blood sugar spikes and the resultant crashes that come later. Opt to eat several small meals a day rather than three large ones.


You have a tendency to put on weight around the hips and middle. You may also be a secret snacker, making those midnight trips to the fridge. Feel full longer by eating more fiber rich foods like oatmeal, beans, whole-wheat pasta and broccoli.


You are considered the world traveler of the zodiac, so you probably don’t get a chance to eat at home very often. Keep that energy going by focusing on a protein rich breakfast. Exotic spices and eating cuisine inspired by other cultures will keep you from becoming bored with a bland diet.


Carrying around too much weight can put a strain on your bones. In addition to getting exercise, make sure you are eating enough calcium rich foods like milk, cheese (especially Swiss) soy, broccoli and figs.


Like Virgo, you too have a nervous system that is sensitive and subject to overload. Don’t overdo the caffeine and be sure to have a little lean protein at every meal—especially breakfast. Often high strung, be sure to eat your meals in a calm and peaceful environment.


Being a sensitive sign, you might either forget to eat or overeat due to emotions. You also have a tendency retain water and suffer from a slow lymphatic system. Ensure that you drink plenty of fresh pure water and try to eat foods rich in potassium like bananas and sweet potatoes.