Ah Ha Moments

I always envied those couples that have been together for years if not decades and still have that love for their partner like they did when they first met. I often wondered how did they get so lucky to meet each other? Then one day during a conversation with a much older friend of mine she revealed the secret. She said, “Honey”, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. She went on to explain: If a man isn’t close with his mother there’s a reason, if a woman always has issues with her friends there’s a reason etc. I realized she was right. Often times when you meet someone and fall in lust or what you think maybe love you tend to over look those small details thinking it’s a one time incidence or even better, you can change them. If you take that small phrase to heart “when someone shows you who they are believe them” it will make you much happier your future relationships. It was one of those “ah ha” moments in my life that has made the road ahead in my relationships much smoother.

I always envied those couples that have been together for years if not decades and still have that love for their partner like they did when they first met

Do Your Morals Match

When you except people for who they are and don’t expect them to change to fit your needs, it’s a game changer. Healthy relationships involve sincerity while unhealthy relationships involve manipulation. Do you believe a person truly loves you? If they do, you will instinctively know, you won’t have to try and change them. Before you begin a serious relationship, it would be wise to consider, does the other person morals matched up against your own.

Mutual Give and Take

A healthy relationship gives without expecting anything in return. It freely gives. One can aptly call this a true gift of love. An unhealthy relationship gives in order to get something in return. In a healthy relationship, trust is the main force in operation. By hook or by crook you got each other’s back. Your best interest is always at the forefront. If what you have is true love, both of you are willing to say to the other, “I’ve got you covered.” You totally trust each other. You can relax and not worry about the relationship, because you know your partner will never betray you. On the contrary, an unhealthy relationship rarely gives without expecting a return on investment; there’s always a price to pay for something that is given. When it gives, it expects a boomerang of benefits.

Love Your Partner For Who They Are

A healthy relationship involves accepting the other person, wholeheartedly. It is hard work to discover whom your partner really is, and love that person in a trusting and unconditional way. An unhealthy relationship, in comparison, seeks to change the opposite end of the relationship. It wants the other person to conform to their wants and needs. It is the kind of relationship where controlling is the main purpose, and it controls in order to get the satisfaction it seeks.

Love Worth Having

When you have loving healthy relationship, your moral compass is in alignment with your partner, you share a strong, unbreakable bond together that will not fade over time. The dreams you make together, encompass you’re desire for the other’s well being. That’s a love worth having.