When you’re attracted to someone, sometimes it can be difficult to come out and say it aloud. Luckily, there are other ways to communicate your feelings about another person— body language.

The right posture, gesture or gaze can say what a thousand words can’t. If there’s someone you want to get to know better, try some of this body language to help send the message.


Simple and to the point, but don’t overlook it. If you like someone, smile at them. If you see a stranger across the room you’re thinking about approaching, holding their gaze for 4 or 5 seconds and smiling is a clear sign that you’re interested.

The right posture, gesture or gaze can say what a thousand words can’t.

If you’re talking to your crush, try to smile a lot. Don’t plaster a fake smile on your face, of course. That would be unnerving. But you do want to appear upbeat, positive, and happy to be with the person.

Turn In

To show someone they’ve got your full attention, turn toward them. Subconsciously, we all tend to turn our feet, legs or torso in the direction that we want to go. Show the person you’re interested and that the only direction you want to take is theirs. Position your body to face that person as much as possible.

Lean In

When we are interested in something, or someone, we have a natural tendency to lean in toward it. When the object of your affection is speaking, leaning in slightly shows him you find him interesting and you’re enjoying the conversation. It shows you’re engaged and having a good time.

Eye Contact

No matter how shy you are, try to maintain some eye contact with the person you really like. Be careful— you don’t want to gaze so intently that it’s creepy, like you’re trying to hypnotize her. But looking away a lot shows disinterest; holding a person’s gaze is a great way to flirt.


It’s no secret that even the slightest touch from someone you’re attracted to can be quite a thrill. If you like someone, a gentle (but appropriate) touch can be very telling. If they say something funny or endearing, lay your hand on top of their hand or arm.

If you’re inviting them to sit down with you, place a hand on her back. Pick a piece of lint off his lapel or brush an eyelash off her cheek. Just a brief touch—lasting a second or two—in a “safe zone” like the arm, hand or upper back is a great way to see if any sparks will fly.


A sure sign you like someone is to follow their lead. Mirror their behaviors a bit— if he leans in laughing, you lean in laughing. If she talks with her hands and makes a lot of gestures, do the same thing when it’s your turn to talk. If he takes a sip of his coffee, take a sip of yours.

Strangely enough, in a lot of animals this “mirroring” is a mating call, and somewhere deep in our subconscious we recognize that. Perhaps this mirroring makes us think of ourselves as in sync with each other—a lot of people will do this subconsciously.

Fishing for Kisses

When you’re ready for that first kiss, there are a few ways to give your love interest the hint. Gazing from the person’s eyes to the person’s mouth is one clear sign—especially if you’re sitting close, leaning in toward each other or touching.

Licking your own lips can draw attention to them. Tilting your head slightly shows you’re thinking about moving in to close the distance.

Now that you know some of the signs and signals, you not only know what to do—but what to look for to know that the person you’re with feels the same way.