Hollywood movies often have us believing that true love is all about excitement, fireworks, passion and drama. While true love can be passionate, it is so much more than what we see in films. Think you’ve found true love? Here are ten signs of the real thing.

1. It’s a We Thing

If you both think in terms of “we” rather than you and me, that’s a sign of true love. It means you are a couple and act as a unit.

Remember the old saying, there is no “I” in team. If you find yourself saying things like “we think…we did…we went…we want,” then you definitely have a “we” thing going on—and that’s great!

Think you’ve found true love? Here are ten signs of the real thing.

2. The Relationship Comes First

When you both realize that every decision you make impacts each other and the relationship that is a sign of serious commitment. Furthermore, if the relationship comes first compared to other people and priorities, you definitely have true love. Family, friends and work are still important, but they take a back seat to you and your love.

3. Others’ Opinions Don’t Affect the Relationship

You know how people love to give their opinions about relationships. Undoubtedly family and friends have their words of wisdom about your relationship too. If you can withstand their comments and the relationship is not impacted by them, all the better! That is a sign of relationship strength and staying power—another true love signal!

4. Time and Effort

If you and your partner make an effort to spend time together that’s another good sign. Whether it’s a formal date or a quiet evening on the sofa watching movies, the fact that you both carve out quality time for each other is important.

5. Making Sacrifices

Life is full of sacrifices both big and small. If you are willing to make them on behalf of your partner or the relationship, that definitely signals commitment and love. The key is that you do it out of love and not begrudgingly. The same goes for your other half.

6. Keeping Promises

Many of us make promises halfheartedly or end up breaking them. But if the thought of breaking a promise made to your partner causes you pain and sadness, you are displaying true love. Keeping promises is a priority for those we love.

7. Being Honest

They say that honesty is the best policy and a relationship is no exception. Not only does that mean being honest about the nice things, it means being honest about unpleasant things too. If you and your partner can truthfully tell each other about your anger, fears and dislikes as well as your hopes and dreams, you have something there. Honesty involves showing our true selves from all angles.

8. Caring and Compassion

Caring and compassion are also signs of true love, especially when it comes from the depths of your heart. If seeing your partner get sick or go through difficulties tugs at your heart strings, that’s a sign of love. If they feel the same care and concern when you’re suffering that’s just as important.

9. Feeling Safe

Do you and your partner feel totally safe around each other? Can you both accept your vulnerabilities and express them to each other? Do you both feel protected and valued by each other? If so, that is another big clue to the depth of your commitment. Clearly a true love signal!

10. Happiness

Are you both happy? Happiness with each other and the relationship is surely a sign of true love. When you feel a sense of contentment and happiness down to your very core, it’s a clear indication of love. Even with all the challenges you face in life, at the end of the day if you are happy because of your relationship, you have it al