Are you looking for love? One of the best places to find it is in your very own astrological birth chart. Although it can’t exactly predict the time and place of your next romance, it can give you some clues about what you want in a romance and how you’ll approach the partnership.

Check the 5th House

The 5th house of your chart reveals your attitude towards romance. It also rules the more short-term relationships you’ll come across in your life.

The 5th house of your chart reveals your attitude towards romance.

Start by looking at the sign in this house. Say for instance you have Taurus on the 5th house. This means you love sensual pleasures. Romance must be physical and include not only lots of lovemaking, but hand holding, walks in the park, movies, music and great meals together.

Next check for any planets in the house. Say you have Pluto there. This means you like some depth and intensity in your romance.

Finally see where Venus (the normal ruler of this house) actually resides in your chart. Say it’s in the 4th house. This is the area of house and home. So you could potentially meet a romantic partner in your hometown or it could even be the person next door!

Check the 7th House

Are you more concerned with long-term relationships and marriage? Then take a look at the 7th house in your chart. Just like the 5th house, you’ll also look for the sign, planets, and ruler information.

For example, Cancer on the 7th house indicates a commitment based on nurturing, protection and perhaps some old-fashioned values. You may end up with a spouse that acts a lot like mom or dad!

Now suppose Neptune is also in that house. This signifies that your partnership should have a spiritual connection, but may also be prone to fantasy and escapism. You may need to come down to earth every now and then.

Finally, see where Jupiter (the official ruler of this house) resides in your chart. Say it’s positioned in the 10th house. This means your partnership will likely benefit and grow from your significant other’s career. Perhaps his or her job provides excellent perks for you both or allows you to travel and see the big wide world.

So when it comes to the search for love and romance, let your birth chart be your guide.