As the holiday season approaches we think a lot about giving and receiving gifts. While it is often said, “it is better to give than to receive,” learning to receive can help you grow spiritually. Receiving gifts with gratitude and grace can help you connect with others and develop a more open heart. Learning to receive goes way beyond saying “thank you.”

Are You Open To Receive?

Many people claim that they are ready for abundance in their lives, yet their actions indicate otherwise. On a deep level they may feel that they do not truly deserve happiness or prosperity. This sends a message that they are not open to receiving.

Explore your own attitudes towards this. Do you have difficulty accepting compliments? When a friend says you look nice, do you come back with a comment like: “Really? But my hair is a mess.” Or maybe you jokingly tell your friend that they need their eyes checked. Little instances like these may seem harmless enough, but they might indicate that you have trouble accepting things.

Many people claim that they are ready for abundance in their lives, yet their actions indicate otherwise.

We are often conditioned to believe that giving is good and receiving is bad or a sign of weakness. Whether it’s material objects, feelings of joy and happiness, or even perfect health, we often sabotage ourselves by thinking we don’t deserve them. It’s ok for us to give them or for others to have them, but it’s not ok for ourselves. Do you ever feel guilty when something good happens to you or when you receive a gift?

Attitudes and feelings like these can cut you off from the energy of abundance. Giving yourself permission and allowing yourself to receive will open you up to the bountiful energy flow of prosperity. You are worthy!

Receiving Is a Part of Giving

Without a recipient, giving a gift wouldn’t mean much. It’s a two way street. Giving and receiving brings us together. It also helps us learn about balance. When one person gives all the time without experiencing anything in return, it can lead to frustration and resentment.

By the same token, a person who receives all the time doesn’t learn the value of giving. This can lead to selfishness. Both giving and receiving are part of yin-yang balance in life. Experiencing both in a healthy way can lead to positive growth.

Receiving also enables you to recognize and acknowledge others. By saying thank you and showing appreciation, you make a connection with the giver. You understand and show that you are worthy of their time, effort and attention. It also empowers them. That makes you both feel good!

Learning to receive is also a way of giving to yourself. When you release the resistance to accept gifts, you open yourself up. This enables you to feel and experience more deeply. This paves the way for greater spiritual growth and connection with your higher self as well as with others. What could be a better gift than that?

Practice Receiving Graciously

Learning to receive graciously and consciously takes some practice. Observe yourself and your reactions when someone does something nice for you. For example, if someone offers to help you carry your packages, accept the offer. If your first impulse is to say, “No thanks, I’ve got it” rethink that. Give people an opportunity to help you. It will do you both some good.

You might also like to try some affirmations to help you. Repeating a positive, present tense phrase over and over can change your thinking patterns. Try saying something like: “I am open to receive” on a regular basis to help you reframe those thoughts.

Finally see this as a joyful process. Enhancing your power to receive is natural and fun. Just observe a child on Christmas or a birthday; they are experts in the joy of receiving! You can be too! Learning to receive is truly a gift in itself. Accept it and say “thank you” for all it can teach!

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