If you have been using the Law of Attraction to manifest love in your life, and you've visualized the perfect partner for yourself, you've come a long way toward being successful with the act of manifesting a lifetime of happiness and contentment within a committed relationship.

It's after visualizing that perfect partner that many people end up feeling stuck, and not knowing where to go next.

In this simple guide, you will learn how to move closer to your goal of attracting the love you desire.

Believe Love is Possible

The first step toward manifesting love in your life is to actually believe that it is possible. Even people who have been terribly hurt in the past go on to enjoy loving relationships; and, even if those people do not attempt to manifest love, the simple fact that they believe in the potential for love in their lives helps the Universe to deliver them the ideal relationships.

Think about it - did your great-great-grandparents use a specific manifestation process to find one another and fall in love? Probably not! However, they believed that love was possible, and this simple belief, along with an absence of doubt about whether or not they would ever find "the one" went a long way to shape their love lives.

Once you have decided what sort of person you want to share your life with, trust that the Universe will deliver and understand that the Yin to your Yang is out there seeking you!

If you catch yourself questioning whether you'll ever find love, turn your thoughts around immediately, because when you question whether you'll actually receive what you have asked for, you essentially throw a wrench into the works, slowing down progress by placing yourself on a different vibration from that of the results the Universe is now in the process of delivering.

While simply believing love is possible does go a long way, taking additional actions can help to speed the process along.

You might be actively manifesting your story right now, or you could be leaving things up to the Universe - either way, you are receiving important messages, whether you are aware of it or not.

Listening to the Universe is Vital to Success in Finding Love

Every minute of every hour of each and every day, the Universe is sending us messages that can help us to improve all areas of our lives, from finances to love. It is important to recognize that the man or woman of your dreams is probably not going to fall from the sky and land on the ground right in front of you.

Instead, you will meet him or her in a way that could seem magical, or which might even seem completely mundane. You might be actively manifesting your story right now, or you could be leaving things up to the Universe - either way, you are receiving important messages, whether you are aware of it or not.

Perhaps you are already acting on the messages you receive, or perhaps you are giving yourself a million excuses why you just "can't" take action. You might thing you're not attractive enough, not outgoing enough, not successful enough; the list goes on and on.

If this sounds like what you're doing, then you are walking down the wrong path! Take steps to transform aspects of yourself that seem less than desirable if you like, but don't get caught up in negative thinking. Instead, act on the nudges you get. Some examples:

- I really should make time to go to that wedding I was invited to, even though I don't know the groom well.

- That attractive person fits the description of my ideal mate exactly, so I should say hello.

- Who cares what people say about online dating? I think my chances of meeting my soulmate online are very good; in fact, I have some ideas for a great profile!

While these examples are quite general, they illustrate the importance of acting on the little nudges you receive from the Universe. Maybe you'll meet the mate of your dreams at a wedding or at some other function you're on the fence about attending.

Perhaps, if you take a leap of faith and say hello to someone you're attracted to, instead of caving in to fearful thoughts, he or she will end up being "the one." No matter what, listening to the hints the Universe gives you will get you much further than simply waiting and wondering will.

Love is out there, waiting for you. For every pot, there is a lid; for every candle, there is a flame. Using the Law of Attraction to manifest love is something anyone can do, and it's something you can start doing right now. Yes, visualization is important - believing in the possibilities, trusting the Universe to deliver, and taking action are vital too