Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for years, it’s possible that you don’t feel like having sex with your husband. There are a myriad of reasons, but most women assume it’s just their sex drive. It might be, but it might not be. Here are some other reasons you may be avoiding sex.

You’re Angry

Who wants to have sex when they’re pissed off? When you kiss and make up, you’ll probably be in the mood for love, but what if you haven’t had a fight recently? It’s quite possible that you are harboring some unresolved anger or resentment towards your hubby. Many women bury their anger without realizing it, which leads to subconsciously withholding sex. It could be time for a heart-to-heart with your hubby or a conversation with a therapist.

It’s quite possible that you are harboring some unresolved anger or resentment towards your hubby.

You Don’t Talk Anymore

When your conversations solely consist of what to fix for dinner or who’s taking the kids to soccer, you’re not really communicating. When you don’t talk about your feelings or express little signs of love, you’re less willing to have sex. And who could blame you? Start the ball rolling by paying your husband a compliment. Hopefully he’ll reciprocate, and one thing will lead to another.

You Feel Powerless

Is your husband controlling? Maybe he tells you what to do or makes you feel small. If that’s the case, by withholding sex you are subconsciously attempting to gain control when you feel powerless. It might be time to reevaluate your relationship and seek counseling.

You’re Stressed Out

As a woman you are probably working full-time, maintaining the house, shuttling the kids back and forth and caring for everyone but yourself. Who wouldn’t be stressed? And when you’re stressed out, sex is usually the last thing on your mind. Try to make some time for yourself to relax and recharge. By doing so, you’ll feel better—and sexier.

The Thrill Is Gone

Sad to say, sometimes after several years of marriage, the thrill is gone. Perhaps your hubby has gained a few pounds or let himself go. If the physical attraction is gone, you’re obviously less interested in having sex. Maybe it’s time to suggest a lifestyle change or a make over. Do it as a couple and perhaps you can rekindle that sexual spark.