Some people use the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘twin soul’ interchangeably, but there really is a distinction. It’s important to know the difference so you can recognize what you have.

Soul Mate

The better known of the two concepts is the soul mate. Some people are under the impression that a soul mate is a person you’re destined to marry and live with, happily ever after. This is possible, but not necessarily the case.

A soul mate is a person who you went through a past life with and have met again in this life. We can know many soul mates in a lifetime— sometimes we’re even related to them.

Soul mates are not meant to be together. They can choose to be together, but there is no guarantee that the relationship will be happy and prosperous, any more than if you married your childhood sweetheart just because you knew them in the past. Soul mates do not have to be lovers, and should not feel pressured to keep up a romantic relationship if it isn’t working. You can simply be friends, or you can deal with unresolved issues and go your separate ways at that point.

Twin Soul

Twin souls are different from soul mates. They're not just random souls we've met in past lives; they're two souls brought forth from the same spiritual seed. They are literally mirror twins to each other. They even vibrate on the equal but opposite energy frequency, and only when they’re reunited do they fully feel complete.

Twin souls are different from soul mates. They're not just random souls we've met in past lives; they're two souls brought forth from the same spiritual seed.

Twins souls are almost always lovers. They are each other’s “other half”. They incarnate together and spend their lives searching for each other to reunite. When they do meet, they often accomplish great things together—not just for themselves, but for their families, community or even the world at large. They are the couple who stand the test of time and their bond only grows stronger; people will often say they were made for each other.

Twin souls will continue to reincarnate and spiritually evolve together until they’re ready to reach the highest levels of enlightenment, and rejoin with each other and the source as spirits.

How To Know the Difference

Soul mates feel such a kinship when they meet and may experience a sense of déjà vu. After a few hours of knowing each other, a soul mate may find himself saying, “I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” There is an innate familiarity, like a childhood friend or long lost relative has come back into your life, even though you know that – in this life, at least — you’ve never crossed paths before.

Twin souls, however, will get the proverbial “lightning bolt” when they meet. Looking at each other will feel like looking in a mirror. They’ll just know— they’re meant to be together. The search is over.

Often twin souls will dream of each other throughout their lives until they meet. Events in their lives may correspond—for example, one spent years battling and recovering from cancer, while the other spent those same years unexplainably depressed and emotional.

Twin souls often have the same life path number, numerologically speaking, which is calculated by date of birth. This is not always the case anymore, considering doctors can schedule C-sections or induce labor, which may change the date a baby was meant to be born in the world. Twin souls will also get signs by way of pairs. Throughout their lives, they’ll frequently run into double digits, identical twins, and other types of pairs.

In short, soul mates are old friends; while twin souls are two halves of a whole.

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