What’s a Volunteer Soul and Could You Be One?

Are you concerned about the earth and the human species as a whole? Do you feel that you came here on a mission to help the planet and its inhabitants? If so, you could be a volunteer soul.

What’s a Volunteer Soul?

Many of us incarnate on this planet in order to grow and evolve as spiritual beings. We have often experienced numerous lifetimes on the path. However certain beings from other dimensions were called here for the first time in order to lift the vibrations of the earth and assist in the ascension process, essentially “volunteering.”

Dolores Cannon, a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher, coined the term “volunteer soul”. In her practice, she discovered that many people lived past lives on other planets. They heeded the call to come and help this planet after a critical moment in earth’s history—the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in1945. Volunteers were called to turn the tide of negativity and prevent the downfall of our planet.

Many of us incarnate on this planet in order to grow and evolve as spiritual beings.

The Three Waves of Volunteer Souls

Since World War II, countless souls have volunteered in answer to earth’s distress call. Ironically, many of them are initially unaware of their mission since they are born with the same veil of forgetfulness that we all experience upon incarnation.

Dolores Cannon discovered that there are three distinct waves of immigration.

The first group was born between the late 1940s and the late 1960s. Many don’t feel like they belong here and have difficulty adjusting. They are gentle souls and often loners, but are trailblazers nonetheless.

The second wave was born in the 1970s and 1980s. Their job is to generate positive vibrational energy. Dolores Cannon calls them the “channelers, generators and antennas.”

The third wave started in the 1990s and continues. These are the “New Children” like the Crystals and Rainbows, born with amazing gifts and abilities to bring the world into a new age of peace.

Could You Be One?

Could you be a volunteer soul? It’s quite possible. Do you feel like you were born with a special mission to accomplish, but have trouble remembering what it is? Do you feel like you don’t belong on earth? Do you often feel homesick; yet have no idea of what or where “home” is?

Perhaps you’ve felt lost, depressed or have given in to addictions. These are also symptoms that many volunteers deal with until they awaken to their true mission.

Whether or not you are a volunteer soul, in a way we are all volunteers. Together we can fulfill our missions to grow and transform the earth and ourselves!