Summer is almost here and that means hot weather and fun in the Sun. But just because the temperature is rising, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. Look to your Sun sign for some cool summer fashion tips.


Casual surfer chic works great for you! Chances are you’ll be on the go and that means simple summer styles like cutoff jean shorts and loose colorful tank tops. Most likely you’ll either be hitting the surf or hiking around, so invest in some colorful sport sandals.

Summer is almost here and that means hot weather and fun in the Sun. But just because the temperature is rising, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable.


Laid back and comfortable is your signature summer style. Loose and breezy linen skirts or pants will keep you looking and feeling cool. Add a 100 percent cotton top and you’re good to go. Be sure to stick to high quality natural fabrics.


Summer is a great time for you to show off those well-defined Gemini arms. Invest in a variety of tank tops in an array of colors. Load up on some chunky bangle bracelets or layer on a bunch of thin ones. Guys look for big, bold watches. Shop around at flea markets and craft fairs for some unique pieces.


Summer whites are a natural choice for you since they represent the moon—your ruler. For the ladies, look for sheer and sexy white blouses or lacy cotton eyelet tops. Guys can’t go wrong with a classic T-shirt in white or another lunar inspired color like gray.


The Sun is your ruler so be sure to include vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and golds in your summer wardrobe. You like designer pieces, so splurge on at least one expensive item, even if it’s only an accessory like a high quality bag or belt.


Natural fibers are your best friend. Try shopping for clothing in organic cotton or bamboo. No longer limited to basic tanks and tees, you can find dresses, skirts, tunics and pants in these fabrics. Opt for earthy Virgo colors like greens, browns and beiges.


Summer style for the Libra lady is decidedly feminine. That means plenty of cute floral sundresses and chic maxi dresses. Pair with a set of sexy strappy sandals or colorful wedges. For the guys, classic polos and walking shorts are the way to go.


If anyone can get away with wearing a lot of black in the summer, it’s you, Scorpio. However this season try lightening up a little and switch to navy blue. Pair some navy blue shorts or pants with a French sailor inspired striped shirt. Don’t worry you can keep the dark mysterious sunglasses.


Blessed with a great set of legs, you shouldn’t step outside this summer unless you’re wearing shorts or a skirt. As the traveler of the Zodiac look for clothing with plenty of pockets, like cargo shorts or invest in a roomy tote bag to hold all those summer souvenirs.


Practical and traditional, your sign is best suited for the classics. Take a cue from the timeless preppy styles you see in New England or the Hamptons. Khakis or chinos topped with a colorful polo will have you looking cool and crisp all season.


As the humanitarian of the Zodiac you’ll appreciate free trade clothing made by local artisans or designers. You might also display your quirky style by wearing printed tees with funny or controversial sayings. Be sure to include fun and funky accessories like handmade jewelry or futuristic sunglasses.


Your summer style should be reminiscent of the sea. Look for ocean inspired colors like sea green and Caribbean blue. You’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time in the water, so spend the extra money for high quality swimwear and a good pair of sandals.