Gemstones and crystals are not only beautiful; they have wonderful spiritual and energetic properties. The frequencies of these stones also resonate with the zodiac signs. Find out which jewels coincide with the energies of your particular Sun sign.


Your fiery nature is enhanced by the properties of red and reddish stones. Rubies, bloodstone, carnelian and even rose quartz can help you tap into your unique power. These gems will give you energy to stay on the go while also helping you keep your cool.


The vibration of emeralds enhances your down to earth nature. Ancient seers and sages often suggested sapphires and lapis lazuli for your sign. Taurus rules the throat so most blue stones will improve your communication and boost your well-being too!

Gemstones and crystals are not only beautiful; they have wonderful spiritual and energetic properties. The frequencies of these stones also resonate with the zodiac signs.


Inquisitive with many interests and projects going at once, you need crystals that can keep you energized and up for those many tasks. Citrine, peridot, agate and tiger-eye can all help you. They will also boost your mood and keep you smiling.


With the moon as your ruler, the most appropriate gem for you is moonstone. The ancients also recommended emerald. Other beneficial crystals are aventurine and amber. These stones will help you maintain your nurturing side while protecting and strengthening you.


Leo rules the heart so rubies and garnets will serve you well, not to mention rose quartz. However according to ancient lore, onyx is your stone of choice. Onyx represents self-control and mastery. It can help you find the courage to step into the spotlight.


The sign of the Virgin, you seek perfection in all areas of your life. To help you on your path, try working with carnelian, agate and peridot. Peridot in particular will help keep your thoughts clear and organized. It will also help you remain patient while you get things in order.


According to ancient astrological traditions, peridot is often associated with Libra to provide mental clarity and balance between assertiveness and composure. Nowadays sapphire is popular for you, but jade, coral and smoky quartz can all help you maintain harmony.


You are a water sign who is deep, dark and mysterious just like the ocean. Aquamarine can help you get in touch with your spirituality. Malachite is a great protective stone that can keep you from negativity when exploring your shadow side.


Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for you. It comes in a variety of colors and according to an ancient Egyptian legend, this stone passed over a rainbow as it journeyed up from the center of the earth, thus capturing all the colors. Any color tourmaline will help you on your many adventures over the rainbow.


Your sign is one of serious determination. You deserve a stone that will help you move forward in life towards your goals and dreams. Vesuvianite also called Idocrase, will help you move ahead. Other choices are ruby and turquoise to help you remain courageous and true.


Traditionally garnet and amethyst are associated with your sign. Garnet can help you connect with your humanitarian ideals and promote friendship. Amethyst can help inspire you, improve your creativity and increase your connection with the Divine.


Your sensitive nature is helped by a gemstone that can keep you connected to Spirit. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal for this purpose. You can also try ametrine, a combination of amethyst and citrine to help you remain positive and work through any emotional challenges.