Are you feeling the energetic changes of the season? Fall is more than just a change in the weather or the turning of the leaves. There is a complete shift in the energetic landscape. In Feng Shui, the yang energetic element of fire we embrace during the summer, transitions to yin element of metal during autumn. Here’s how you can use a little Feng Shui magic this fall.

Shed your own leaves and magically clear out clutter.

The Feng Shui element of metal can magically help your health this fall.

During autumn, the trees start to change color and shed their leaves. They are in the process of letting go. You can also take part in this magical energy by letting go of the clutter in your life. Feng Shui says to clear out those things that are taking up space in your house. By doing so, you’ll remove stagnant energy in your home, and thus, your life. Although you may view it as a chore, you’ll get an energetic push from the season to help you. Work with the vibrations of nature and you’ll experience magic!

Use the magic of metal to improve your health.

The Feng Shui element of metal can magically help your health this fall. The lungs and the large intestine coincide with this element. Now is the perfect time to focus on these areas of the body. The seasonal energy will help improve the health of these organs and your overall health as well.

Interestingly, both of these organs are about “letting go.” We expel waste from both areas. Focus on lung health by improving your breathing habits. Make an effort to do some deep breathing exercises during this period. As for your large intestine, ensure that you are drinking enough water and getting plenty of fiber in your diet.

A more literal way to use the metal element for your health is to pump some iron. Now is a great time to start a weight-training regimen. Your overall health will magically improve!

Keep your chi going and flowing.

Finally, use a little Feng Shui magic to help your personal energy. Keeping your chi flowing isn’t only about activity and movement; it’s also about rest. Take advantage of fall’s slower energy and allow yourself time to relax. Create a quiet oasis in your home. Enjoy and take things as they come. Let the magic of Feng Shui and fall embrace you!