Do you have a nice collection of live plants in your home or office? If so, you already know how lovely they can be. Besides adding beauty to your surroundings, indoor plants can also wield some wonderfully magical powers.

Plants Boost Your Mood

Ever notice how adding a few plants can make a space seem more cheerful? Research has shown that houseplants can lower stress and boost your mood. Most of us feel better when we cast our eyes upon those lush green leaves. There’s just something about having a little bit of nature around that makes us happy.

Plants are full of positive earth energy, which can be used to help you manifest your desires.

Plants Can Help Manifest Desires

Yes, you read that right! Plants are full of positive earth energy, which can be used to help you manifest your desires. Write down your wishes or goals on small pieces of paper, and then roll them up. Hang the rolls from your plants or put them in the soil alongside. The plant will add its energy to yours to help those dreams come true!

Plants Create Good Chi

Plants are used extensively in the Chinese art of Feng Shui. Why? Because they create good chi or universal life force energy. They help dispel negative vibrations and usher in positive ones, creating peace and harmony.

Plants Improve Air Quality

Chances are you’re already aware that plants improve air quality within your home or office. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen into the air. They also act as humidifiers and filters, improving moisture levels and overall air quality. You’ll magically breathe easier!

Plants Keep You Healthy

Plants can also prevent illness and help keep you healthy. In addition to improving air quality through added moisture and oxygen, plants also absorb airborne chemicals and toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. That way they keep those nasty substances from entering your lungs, causing allergies and sickness.

Plants Make You More Productive

If you’re looking to get more done at work, add some plants to the office. According to a Washington State University study, when plants were added to a windowless office space, participants showed increased productivity—up to 12 percent. Not bad for adding a little greenery!

So which plants should you choose? Any will do, but according to NASA scientists, some of the best include aloe, bamboo palm, English Ivy, and peace lily. They are among the most-effective air cleaners and are easy to care for. So, add some plants and a little magic to your world!