Did you know that flowers and plants have a secret language all their own? Every plant and flower has a particular meaning and can be used to express your thoughts and emotions. We often associated red roses with love and passion, but that’s just the beginning! During the Victorian era people often communicated symbolically through the use of plants and flowers. In many ways it’s a lost art, but understanding plants and their meanings can help you both express and attract love.

Expressing Your Love

Want to show someone that you care? There are multitudes of plants you can choose from. Whether you want to express interest in someone or all out full blown passion, there is a perfect plant for you to pick!

If you want to tell someone that you like them and find them attractive, try presenting a light pink rose that represents desire, joy and passion. Is it love at first sight? Then be sure to select a thornless rose. If they are your secret love then choose gardenia or acacia. To send the message that you would like you feelings of love reciprocated, choose jonquil. To say “be mine” find a four-leaf clover or choose white clover to say, “I promise.”

Based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, the placement of certain plants and flowers can increase the love energy in your home.

To express friendship and innocence rather that romantic love, there are some great options. Ivy signifies friendship and fidelity. Are you best friends forever? Then choose arborvitae. To express the joy of friendship select a yellow rose or a jade plant. If you want to say how much someone’s friendship means to you then give him or her irises.

If it’s true love you wish to express there is nothing more popular than the traditional red rose. But why not be different? There are many other romantic flowers and plants that convey the same message. A red carnation also implies the depth of passion you feel for your love. So does a red chrysanthemum. Is it undying and forever love you wish to say? Then choose clove or forget-me-nots. Honeysuckle also represents bonds of love.

Finally is it lust your after? Yes, there are flowers that say, “I think you’re hot.” Coriander is symbolic of this emotion. It’s also used in cooking. So if you want to cook in the kitchen and the bedroom, be sure to use this plant. Anthurim is another lusty plant with its red heart shaped flowers.

Attracting Love into Your Life

No partner in your life just yet? That’s okay. You can still tap into the power of plants to attract a new lover. By surrounding yourself with certain flowers you resonate with their vibrations and bring love into your life like a magnet.

Based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, the placement of certain plants and flowers can increase the love energy in your home. With the right choices you can create your own Garden of Eden to find the love of your life! Feng Shui practitioners advise arranging the appropriate plants in the southwest corner of your home. This area governs relationships and marriage. Even if you don’t choose this specific area, you can still reap the benefits of choosing certain plants and flowers.

Looking to find your soulmate? Consider planting some phlox in your garden or placing containers of them near your home’s entrance. The message of phlox says, “Our souls are one.” Another popular flowering plant according to Feng Shui experts is the peony. It represents sexual desire, attraction, romance and affection. This plant’s energy often brings exceptionally wonderful partners. Some other nice options are jasmine and ylang ylang. Both are sensuous and seductive. You’ll attract a partner in no time!

So the next time you pass by a florist or garden shop, think about the messages of plants and the language of love. Let them help you express your feelings of love while bring more romance into your life. Let your love blossom!