Let’s face it, there are many people that seem to hold disdain for anyone that can get up early in the morning and have a positive attitude. All should have respect for those that do not have this ability, and have patience with them as they deal with their own slower and grumpier attitudes. But for you, the morning brings a fresh new day with all visions of possibilities. Take pride in your ability to greet the day with vigor and strength.

Be at peace with yourself, you share this time with many of nature’s creatures

Good Morning Dawn

If you are surrounded by those that don’t share in your morning-self, walk softly around them and continue to pursue your early day’s goals. You typically have a routine that you abide by and you may even hum or smile as you move through the dawn. Be at peace with yourself, you share this time with many of nature’s creatures. You are awake and prepared and can both act and react in the way that you need to.

Sleep Is Your Companion

In arising earliest you will also find that your energy flows diminish as the twilight approaches. Your rhythm and clock is aligned with the earth and when the sun slowly dips to touch the horizon, you should also dim your lights and prepare for the night. Sleeping peacefully and calmly can be your companion as you embrace the same time as the world around you. For with the dawn will come another day filled with fresh hopes and opportunities of accomplishments.