Alternatives to Traditional Gift Giving

No matter what the occasion: birthday, graduation, wedding, or annual holiday festivities, gift giving is no doubt a part of the celebration.

Searching for the perfect gift can have us running from store to store or looking online for hours. Why not take a different approach and look to more spiritual forms of gift giving?

Start a New Tradition

There is no doubt that we live in a consumer oriented society. Not to say that it’s all bad. Having the option of purchasing practically anything we want at our fingertips is very convenient.

After all, we live in a material world and need some material things for survival. However, we run into the risk of entering the danger zone when materialism becomes our focus.

Gift giving is a wonderful way to mark an occasion and recognize the honoree. Consider taking an alternative approach to show your love and well wishes!

How often have you received gifts that ended up in a closet, hardly used? What about gifts you really didn’t like? Think back to some of the occasions where you received these gifts. What sticks in your mind more: the gift or the event and the time spent with loved ones? While gifts are nice, many times we appreciate the feelings much more.

Start a new gift giving tradition by focusing more on the spiritual aspects of the occasion. Making the event the centerpiece rather than the gifts takes a great deal of pressure off of everyone. Focus on sharing a meal or an activity rather than presents. If you still feel that gifts should be a part of the celebration, then limit their number or the amount to be spent. Either way, keep the event and the people in the spotlight!

Handmade and Heartfelt

Handmade gifts are a wonderful alternative. When you create something by hand, you infuse it with your own unique creative energy and personal frequency. You are truly giving a piece of yourself when giving a hand made item. Have you ever received something a child made for you? Isn’t that something you treasure? The same goes for adults, but many of us have buried that spirit of wonder and imagination. Time to resurrect it!

Even if you feel like you have no creative talent, you can still make something that comes from the heart. Do you cook or bake? Turn that into a handmade gift. What about knitting, painting or any other hobby? Even a blank card decorated and hand written is a gift to treasure.

There are plenty of easy projects you can create. Look online or explore your local community center for some ideas. The recipient will be surprised and amazed that you took the time to personally create something that came from the heart.

Doing for Others

What could be a better gift than doing something for another person? We all can use help in some area of our lives. Do you have a particular talent that you can share as a gift? Maybe you are a teacher and can give the gift of tutoring to a friend’s child. Perhaps you’re a Reiki practitioner and can offer a healing session as a gift.

Even seemingly mundane things like running errands for someone can be a great gift. What busy mom wouldn’t appreciate someone picking up the kids once in awhile? Have fun presenting your “doing” gift by making up a gift certificate listing the item.

Spiritual Offerings and Charity

Other alternative gifts include spiritual offerings and charity. Most people whether religious or spiritual truly appreciate the gift of prayer and intentions. Offer a heartfelt card stating that you will send healing energy, pray or ask for Spirit blessings as a gift. Having someone pray or meditate on our behalf sends a wonderful message of caring and blessing.

Charity is another great gift alternative. Donate a gift to charity in honor of the recipient. Perhaps they have a favorite group or organization. If so, send a donation in their name. If money is tight, then try donating some volunteer hours on their behalf. It’s a great way to help others and honor the gift recipient.

Gift giving is a wonderful way to mark an occasion and recognize the honoree. Consider taking an alternative approach to show your love and well wishes!