Beautiful Blooms Transform Our Perspective

Millions of people enjoy the beauty and scent of spring blooms and plants, but they may have never realized the other benefits these beauties provide. The flower acts as a prism which reflects the healing rays of light into our system, allowing us to use the flower to mirror our state of being, while at the same time use it’s healing power to correct any imbalances we find. Beautiful blooms not only transform our personal space, but their sweet scent can also transform our perspective. A primary part of flower psychometry requires finding your personal flower, which can expose a broader understanding for the problem as well as relief. The habitat and growth pattern of a flower as well as its shape, shading and fragrance contains personal information about you and holds the exact pattern of energy you need. Flowers radiate light and their own special fragrance variations, which gives them this ability to heal. Fragrant flowers make everyone spring happy. Here are some of the many health and well-being benefits of flowers and plants.

Millions of people enjoy the beauty and scent of spring blooms and plants, but they may have never realized the other benefits these beauties provide

Flowers Make Happiness

Keeping flowers around the home and workplace can greatly improve people’s moods and reduce the likelihood of stress-related depression. Flowers and decorative plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. Flowers can aid in your achieving a more optimistic outlook on your life.

Flowers and Plants Accelerate the Healing Process

Sending flowers and plants to hospital patients is a century old tradition. It has been proven that the presence of plants and flowers in patient recovery rooms greatly reduces the time necessary to heal – they significantly speed up recovery time. Hospitals realizing the benefits of horticulture healing have strategically placed views of flowers and other ornamental plants in landscaped areas outside patient recovery rooms.

Health and Recreation

Parks and urban green spaces impact people’s health by providing them with an often free or inexpensive and convenient recreational service. Studies have shown that people who have a park in their neighborhood are much more likely to exercise. They are drawn to both the beauty of the green space and the physical activity of the nearby residents. As a result, residents of neighborhoods with beautiful parks are much healthier. Their increase in exercise makes them less susceptible to physical ailments and more resilient against minor illnesses. The result of this – reduced health care and medical costs.

Concentration and Memory

Being around plants helps people concentrate better at home and in the workplace. Studies show that when tasks are performed while under the calming influence of nature, the tasks are performed better and with greater accuracy. Keeping ornamental plants at home and at work can increase memory retention and concentration. The calming influence is conducive to positive work environments by increasing a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. The end result –- high quality work, with a much higher accuracy rate! The influence of flowers and plants can increase memory retention by up to twenty percent.

Improves Relationships

Plants and flowers affect the level of compassion that people feel for others. Studies have consistently shown that people who spend more time around plants are much more likely to reach out and help others. Extended exposure to nature and wildlife increases people’s compassion for each other as it increases people’s compassion for the environment in which they live.

Three Common Garden Blooms That Will Improve Your Life


– The sweet scent of gardenias immediately induces the felling of nostalgia. Positive memories make people fell happier and lessen feelings of stress and anxiety.


– The distinctive scent of geraniums stimulates the area of the brain that governs decision-making and problem solving. Taking a deep inhale of these beauties can help you feel more alert and sharp for up to two hours.

Night Blooming Jasmine

– Inhaling the sweet, beautiful scent of jasmine boosts the production of the calming brain chemical GABA. And, the effects of the scent set in immediately. Jasmine brings on a happy calm.

lowers To Brighten Your Day

We can experience good health when balanced physically, spiritually and mentally. Along with the fact that flowers trigger happy emotions, heightened feelings of life gratification and affects social behavior in a positive way beyond what is normally believed, why would you not want to add a little colorful aroma to brighten your day!