Life is a series of lessons and experiences. Some are positive while others are negative. No matter what you’ve been through, all your experiences help to shape your attitude and identity. Many times we hold onto past experiences and behaviors that hold us back. Some call it baggage, scars or blocks. No matter what you call it, learning to release it can help you move forward towards a more positive future.

Releasing The Past

Perhaps the hardest part about releasing the past is having to face it again before letting it go. Burying old negative experiences is much easier. In many ways it’s like cleaning out a closet. It is easier to just throw stuff in the bottom of the closet than to sort it out and decide how to handle items.

At some point the closet becomes too full and it prevents you from using it or adding new things. Even past positive experiences can hold us back in the form of nostalgia. Reliving the past takes your focus away from future opportunities.

Many times we hold onto past experiences and behaviors that hold us back.

So how can you release the past? When dealing with negative experiences and hurts, forgiveness is perhaps the best way to release the past. Consider making a forgiveness list. Write down all the hurts from the past along with those who caused them. Go through the list one by one and say that you forgive them and release the situation.

You may need to do this several times, as it won’t happen overnight. It may take weeks, months or longer. The important thing to realize is that you are making the effort. It will help free you from the past.

In the case of nostalgic experiences, evaluate them and notice if they are holding you back. If so, try making a list for those memories. Go through your list and be grateful for each experience. Then acknowledge that it’s time to release them so you can bring in new positive adventures.

Understand that releasing the past doesn’t have to be done alone. You may find it helpful to seek guidance from a counselor, psychic, spiritual advisor or trusted friend.

Lessons Learned

Part of releasing the past is looking at lessons learned. On a spiritual level it is often said that we choose our experiences in life to learn specific lessons. Take a look at your past and ask yourself what you learned. If you look hard enough you may find something enlightening. For example, perhaps you were neglected as a child and spent a lot of time alone. Due to the circumstances you may have developed a vivid imagination and artistic ability.

Even nostalgic memories offer lessons. You may have loved going to the beach with your family during your childhood. Perhaps you had to move and miss those cherished moments. As a result you may have developed a respect for the ocean and volunteered for environmental causes. Life lessons can come from many situations.

Moving Ahead

Once you’ve started to release the past and pondered its lessons, you can move ahead. Going back to the closet analogy, you made room for new things. Emotionally and energetically you made room for new positive growth to enter you life. Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.

At this point you might want to think about the positive things you’d like to bring in. Consider making a list of things you would like to have and experience. Realize that you are no longer a victim of the past. You now have the power to consciously choose and work with your future.

Even when challenges do occur, take comfort in knowing that you’ve faced many difficulties in life and learned from them. Understanding that power within yourself can help you strive towards a more positive future!

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