From the time that we are young, we are given both subtle and over directions from the people around us. They set expectations that we have no control over and in our desire to please, we try to accommodate what they want, instead of what makes us happy. This is the dichotomy of life and in recognizing that our adoption of the process in turn creates anxiety, we can take control and alter the course of our own lives.

Your success is your own story, not theirs and thus also the path of your life

Different, Is Not Failure

Changing the direction of expectation requires that others see us for who we are. It demands respect for our personal decisions and choices. Being different outside of what others expect does not equate to failure. Instead it offers a growth opportunity to allow our personal self to bloom. Step outside of what others set as ground rules and establish your own sense of being. Your success is your own story, not theirs and thus also the path of your life.

Create Your Own Reality

Tap into the talents that you have. Recognize your abilities and your strengths and pursue the development of those that truly inspire you. This is who you were meant to be and the purpose of your life will slowly unfold as you realize that you can set your own expectations as part of your personal journey. The absence of guilt of living up to the expectations of others will open the door to your creativity and self-acknowledgement.