Do You Have A Sign On The Cusp?

Have you ever felt that your Sun Sign just didn't capture who you are very well? It’s quite possible that you are being influenced by more than one Sun sign. This can happen when someone is born 'on the cusp', or during that transitional period between Sun signs.

What Is a Cusp?

Every month or so, as the earth continues on its path around the sun, Sun signs change. As one planet 'rises' the other begins to 'set'. It's not a fast and hard changing of the guards-- it's a transitional period in which the effects of one planet are becoming more pronounce, while the effects of another planet are diminishing. This period is called the cusp and can last approximately three days, starting before and ending after the change of signs.

Someone born on the cusp is influenced by both of the signs. This is why the description for the Sun sign may not entirely fit.

Someone born on the cusp is influenced by both of the signs. This is why the description for the Sun sign may not entirely fit. For example, A Leo may wonder why he sometimes may feel shy and reserved. Shyness or being conservative at all is not generally in a Leo’s nature—it’s go big or go home for our lovable Lion friends. If he were born on the cusp, that could be the modest Virgo in him who brings that aspect to his nature.

Is A Person Born on the Cusp Perfectly Balanced?

How much your’re influenced by your Sun sign and how much you’re influenced by the sign you’re born of the cusp of can vary. It’s not like it’s always an even 50/50 split (though in some cases it can be). The closer you’re born to the actual transition, the more balanced the influences will be. For example, if that Leo-Virgo was born on August 19th, he’s going to have far more Leo qualities than Virgo qualities; had he been born on August 21st, he would have been a greater balance of Leo-Virgo. Born on the 23rd, he would have been mainly Virgo, with slight Leo tendencies.

We are More than the Sum of our Sun Sign

One important issue to keep in mind is that the Sun sign is not the only sign that influences us. We also have a Moon sign, an Ascending sign, and a whole host of signs, planets and houses intermingling to create a unique set of circumstances under which each person is born. So a Leo born on August 19th, on the cusp of Virgo, may have even more Virgo tendencies if his Rising sign is Virgo as well. This is why plucking individual signs from the chart and looking at them in isolation only gives us a single piece to the puzzle. The whole chart has to be taken into perspective in order to get a clear, complete picture of a person.