Using Lunar Phases to Your Advantage

The Moon. How often do we take that luminous orb in the sky for granted? Sometimes we ignore its beauty and forget about its power. According to astrology it rules our emotions and is helpful in planning our lives. For centuries, farmers have used the phases of the moon to help them plant crops in order to obtain abundant harvests. You too, can learn to use the power of lunar phases to your own personal advantage.

There are eight lunar phases and each phase has specific energy that you can harness to improve your life. Looking at a lunar phase calendar is the easiest way to tell since the phases move quickly (approximately every 3.6 days or so). They say timing is everything, so use the Moon to time your every move!

You too, can learn to use the power of lunar phases to your own personal advantage.

New Moon

This is the perfect time to begin something new. During the New Moon, our little satellite is invisible, so it suggests staying behind the scenes and getting your plans together. Brainstorm and come up with new ideas, listen to your intuition and make wishes. It’s not a time to launch anything out into the world just yet. Consider this an incubation period to get those projects going.

Crescent or Waxing Crescent Moon

As the Moon’s light begins to peek out at us, this is a good time for you to stick out your toe and test the waters. While you developed ideas and plans during the New Moon, the Crescent Moon is time to go a little deeper. Gather information and data, make contacts and begin to flesh out your ideas.

First Quarter Moon

This phase is an active one. Things started earlier now begin to take shape. It is a time of clearing the decks for work to start. You will set up the framing for your endeavors. Building begins and you will start to mold your dream into reality. During this phase you may experience challenges or conflicts, but that will help you move forward in the long run.

Gibbous or Waxing Gibbous Moon

While you’re busily working away, here comes the Gibbous Moon to help you strategize things further. This is a great time to reorganize things, analyze and perfect your plans.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is the big reveal. Here is the culmination of all the hard work you began way back during the New Moon. Your project or plan will start to blossom and bear fruit. Now is the time to present your project to the public and put your name out there.

Disseminating or Waning Gibbous Moon

This phase can help you disseminate information easily. Now that the Full Moon has already illuminated your achievements, you can talk about them during this waning phase. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far and see how your awareness has grown and changed.

Last Quarter

Things may be coming to a close during this phase. You will likely reap any rewards or accolades due. This is also a good time to review and reevaluate things in your life. Some people find themselves eliminating things that no longer serve them, while others use it to readjust and correct their life’s course.

Balsamic or Waning Crescent Moon

Sometimes called the Dark Moon, this phase should not be used for starting anything new. This phase is best used for the deeper mysteries of contemplation and personal reflection. If you need closure in some area of your life, this phase will help you. It’s perfect for tying up loose ends and putting things behind you so that you can start fresh again at the New Moon.

Lunar phases can be extremely helpful in planning your life and activities. So the next time you seek guidance, look to that luminous orb in the sky. The Moon will be there just in time!