Most of us are familiar with the personality traits of Sun signs. We talk about a stubborn Taurus or a sensitive Pisces. But what about children—are they subject to these descriptions? You bet! Find out more about your little one and his or her traits.


The Aries child is a little firecracker. This kid learns by experience and wants to do things his or her own way. Often very active, this child usually excels at sports and outdoor activities. Let your Aries have the freedom to roam, but make sure you keep watch from a distance.


A Taurus child loves to be hands on. Activities like building with blocks, playing in the sandbox and making mud pies all appeal to this child. Ensure that games and hobbies involve all the senses. Taurus children are usually cuddlers; so always have plenty of hugs ready!

Find out more about your little one and his or her traits.


With a Gemini child you have a little chatterbox on your hands. He or she will constantly ask why and question everything. Geminis love to communicate in any way possible and might even make up their own language! They also love variety so have a number of different games and toys available.


Sensitive, caring and kind, the Cancer child likes to nurture others. He or she will thrive while caring for pets and plants. Many Cancer children also like to cook. You may find your little one having lavish tea parties and gourmet dinners for his or her playmates.


Your little Leo is a natural born leader and loves to be the center of attention. Involve your child in the performing arts like singing, dance or drama. A Leo child also benefits from group activities like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts where leadership skills are developed.


A Virgo child often seems responsible at a young age. Conscientious and organized, a Virgo kid loves to collect, track and categorize things. A baseball card or jewelry collection is often a pride and joy. Little Virgos are perfectionists, so ensure that your child isn’t overly self-critical.


Your young Libra is likely the class diplomat or peacemaker among his or her friends. Libra children get along well with others and have many friends. Allow plenty of social time for your child and arrange regular play dates. Libra children also respond to art, flowers and beauty, so introduce them to these things.


Scorpio children love to dig deep and discover things on their own. You child may be a bit of a loner, just make sure that the lines of communication are always open. Your little Scorpio will often appreciate mysteries, puzzles, research, science and science fiction.


Sagittarius children love to travel and explore—both mentally and physically. Make sure you give them space to do so. They appreciate bikes, skates and scooters. Horseback riding would be a great activity. Let their minds roam with books and stories of adventure and faraway places.


A Capricorn child is quite mature and seems very serious. Often an adult in child’s body, your little Capricorn should enjoy helping Mom or Dad with grown up chores and activities. Let your child work with tools, computers and calculators. Capricorns are also interested in finance, so start a kids’ bank account.


The Aquarian child is a free spirit and often eccentric. He or she may come across as a know-it-all. Very bright and inquisitive, your child may be interested in science, technology and anything space age. Aquarians are also humanitarians, so be sure to expose your child to volunteer activities.


Your Pisces child loves to visit the Land of Make Believe. Encourage your child to develop his or her imagination, but also emphasize the practical side of life. Art, dance, music, religion, drama, writing and poetry are all areas where this child will excel.