The Planets of Astrology

Astrology wouldn’t mean much without the planets. Their movements and positions in the heavens can influence many events in both your personal chart and out in the world. Even generations of people can be influenced by the placement of a planet.

Understanding what the Sun, moon and planets represent can help you better comprehend what goes on in your personal horoscope or when major astrological events occur.


While the Sun is a star rather than a planet, it has a great deal of influence on both your personal chart and the zodiac as a whole. Your astrological sign or Sun sign is based on the star’s placement at the time of your birth.

The Sun represents light and illumination and is considered the giver of life. It also represents the ego and individual will power. While it is associated with a Sun sign, this star can show up in houses or other areas of your chart, which is considered favorable.


The moon is a satellite not a planet, but it also contains a great deal of power. Think of how it affects earth’s tides. The moon represents instincts, emotions and desires. It is considered feminine and can symbolize the prominent women in your life. New moons and full moons also signal beginnings and endings respectively.


This planet governs communications, mental tasks and commerce. It also relates to transportation and mechanical things. You may often hear about “Mercury Retrograde” which means a time of delays, miscommunication and technical glitches. This phenomenon occurs when the planet appears to move backwards through the heavens three times a year.


Most people know about Venus as the “love planet.” Not only does it focus on love, it also includes anything related to beauty and creativity. When Venus visits your sign you will look and feel particularly attractive and sexy.


Mars was named after the ancient Roman war god. It is an action planet, ruling energy and effort. When you are driven to achieve or win then Mars is at work somewhere in your chart.


This planet is known as the “Great Benefic” or the “Santa Claus” planet. This big happy planet influences your growth and expansion. He is Mr. Opportunity knocking at your door. Gifts and lucky breaks are likely to occur whenever he comes to visit.


Saturn is known at the “Taskmaster.” This planet is all about responsibility and limitations. Expect to do things methodically and by the book when Saturn is around; otherwise you’ll learn the hard lesson of doing it over until you get it right. However once Saturn moves on, you will become stronger and wiser.


This planet governs the idea of freedom, both personal and global. It is about discovery and change, which often makes it unpredictable. It can shake up the routine, but bring about some great ideas. Technology and technological advances often coincide with this planet.


Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusion. This can be viewed as positive or negative. It can enhance your creativity and imagination or it can lead you towards delusion and self-deception. The choice is yours. Neptune is a slow moving planet, taking years to visit a horoscope sign. So it can actually influence an entire generation.


This little guy has been controversial. First Pluto was a planet, and then it was no longer considered one. It is now called a “dwarf planet” but many in the scientific community still disagree.

Either way it is important in the world of astrology. Pluto is associated with the unconscious or deep recesses of the psyche. It relates to all things hidden: the occult, sex and death. While that may sound negative, Pluto also represents rebirth and transformation.

Each heavenly body has its own unique characteristics, which can definitely influence any part of the zodiac it visits. Planets really are the “superstars” of astrology!