Pisces 2017 Horoscope

Ease Your Desire To Make Rash Actions Or Impulses

What an extraordinary year you are to look forward to! So many directions to go that I am quite sure it is very difficult to keep pace with so much happening since the very beginning of this year for you. Unlike last year, the pace of things started when 2017 kicked off with the Mars-Neptune conjunction. The January Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn brought great intensity to all of your efforts of success while trying to dispel the deceit or the deception of others along the way. The February Solar Eclipse in Pisces was extremely key to you as it also began a new door opening, and since your modern planet Neptune was conjoined by the eclipse of the Sun, and your vision now will no longer be in the haze that began your year. Your traditional planet Jupiter spends most of this year in Libra and will be incredibly powerful for you. It starts in opposition to Uranus in Aries when the Sun entered Pisces last month. It is important to note that Jupiter will still be opposed to Uranus, but now Mars in Aries is involved also. This will ease your desire to make rash actions or impulses that you will quickly catch in time, opening the door to more constructive channels in doing things especially in love and romance, finances, career objectives, and family.

The February Solar Eclipse in Pisces was extremely key to you as it also began a new door opening, and since your modern planet Neptune was conjoined by the eclipse of the Sun, and your vision now will no longer be in the haze that began your year


Pisces Will Be Hyper-Sensitive

Pisceans are probably the most complex and diverse personalities in the Zodiacal family, and often considered as somewhat of an enigma, as Pisceans have a command of others. It is never wise to conceive a relationship with those in Pisces if your intension is to deceive or have ill intent. Be very well forewarned of this. They seem to have a sixth sense in recognizing this quickly and though maybe loved, you will be watched intently, and if you continue this path, be also forewarned that you will be quickly cast aside without notice or warning. This year will be no different in that aspect of Pisceans, as those in Pisces will be hyper-sensitive to the indecision of those to move beyond the realm of inequity. The main drive of Pisces this year is to dust off the shelves of projects or objectives not accomplished last year.

Prayers Will Be Answered This Year

Since 2014, Pisceans have been pushing some heavy boulders up the metaphorical mountain. Tough and relentless Saturn has been lumbering through Sagittarius in your tenth house of career, long-term goals, partnerships, and success. For some is Pisces, Saturn brought long overdue recognition of your labors during Saturn’s reign, and even though this will continue until the end of 2017, the entire landscape of those in Pisces will change radically, and very soon. Expansive Jupiter also reigns in your eighth house on intensity and remains so until October 10th. Now is the time to seize the moment to repair and move forward with your objectives. Spring will be the decisive season to bring back the quality of your lives and harmonize with your intense spirituality. Pisceans are deeply spiritual in their beliefs and practices, and it is because of this, their prayers will be answered this year in phenomenal ways.

Be Well Aware Of Your Health This Year

No one is harder on Pisceans than themselves. Know this, as it is important to them as they help guide us into prosperity despite their own failures, and even though the “I am sorry” words are not always freely given, their actions speak volumes to those in need of this. Pisceans are very sentimental, so therefore it’s a bonding for them, for you to listen and react with comfort. Be well aware of your health this year my dear Pisceans, as digestive and the nervous systems are your greatest emblems of poor health if gone unchecked. To ask those in Pisces to not worry about things is like asking a child to not get into the cookie jar. You do worry, but Jupiter will gift you this year, so please be aware of this. Memories may never fade, but the better times ahead this year will remark on better ones close-by. If health continues to besiege you, look into Doctors who practice functional or integrative medicine combining holistic and traditional practices for a well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing.

Always Strive To Be Happy As Life Unfolds As It Should

Single Pisces might meet a soul-mate during this year, or do some very deep inner work to heal the blocks to finding true love. Just watch this month and in April, when Venus retrogrades in its cycle, and especially while the planet of “Amour” backspins through Pisces from April 2-15. If you are involved in a relationship, it’s imperative to focus on the future while not attempting to distill the past. Those in Pisces need the balance scales in Libra to equate fairness while still balancing your objectives. In closing, please always strive to be happy as life unfolds as it should.