Numerology and Your Home

Numerology, the study of numbers and their relationships to events, has been in existence for thousands of years. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras was influential in the development and study of numerology.

He believed that numbers were deeply involved in many areas of our lives. The numerology of your home is just one aspect to explore.

The Energy of a Home

Our homes are extensions of our lives and ourselves. They have a unique energy all their own. Have you ever searched for a house or apartment and felt the energy? Most likely you knew whether or not that place was right for you.

According to the study of numerology, the numbers of the address play a big role in the type of energy you will experience while living there. Taking a look at the numbers can help you determine potential energy in a home.

According to the study of numerology, the numbers of the address play a big role in the type of energy you will experience while living there.

Looking at the Numbers

To determine the vibrations of a home, take the address number and reduce it to a single digit. For example if the address is 1234, adding the 1, 2, 3, and 4 together will give you 10. Reduce that again to the number 1. (While there are special master numbers like 11,22, and 33, we’ll leave them for another discussion).

If you live in an apartment, use the apartment number rather than the building number. Each apartment is considered an individual unit or home. Once you have your number, take a look at the following descriptions to get an idea of the energy you may experience.

Number 1

This home is will offer new beginnings. It speaks of independence, ambition and leadership. Residents of this home will likely be involved in self-improvement and attaining personal and professional goals. It’s the house of a go-getter or an aspiring single professional.

Number 2

The number 2 home will be cute and cozy. Even if it’s a large mansion there will still be a warm and inviting feel to it. Living in this home will inspire you to seek balance in your life and learn about duality. It is also favorable for couples.

Number 3

This is a creative home with an eclectic feel. Hippie and bohemian types are definitely welcome here. If you are looking to explore your creative side this is the place for you. Families do well here, especially non-traditional families or roommates.

Number 4

For safety and stability, move to a number 4 home. Its energy is practical, down to earth and responsible. If you need more structure in your life or are looking to become more grounded, then you will do well here. Traditional family values will also thrive here.

Number 5

This is the home for absent-minded professors and world travelers. Exploration, variety and freedom are the buzzwords for this place. There will be many visitors, lots of growth, learning and change. If the unconventional suits you, this is a great space.

Number 6

Family, home and hearth rule the number 6 home. The energy here has a nurturing and protective quality to it. All who live and visit here will feel the warm and friendly vibe of connection and family. It is suitable for practically anyone whether single, in a relationship or with children.

Number 7

Looking for a quiet retreat? This is the home for you. It provides energy for contemplation and spiritual growth. Serious thinkers and older folks will appreciate the vibrations here. Be mindful of becoming too introverted while living here.

Number 8

This home will help your financial growth. Money won’t magically appear, but the vibrations of this house will help you become more fiscally responsible and successful. If you have a home office or home based business it will do well here.

Number 9

A sense of community and humanitarianism dwells in this home. It suggests healing, volunteerism and the greater good. It would be well suited for roommates, college students or people dedicated to a cause. It is also great for idealistic people and dreamers.

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