Astrology That Will Dictate The Entire Month

Welcome to November 2016. As we begin this month, I will first start with the astrological associations that will dictate this entire month and quite possibly, the next four years or more, for us as a global society, as we head towards our election on November 8th.  The next week of November will indeed decide our fate both here in the United States, as well as throughout the world. As was stated in previous updates in October leading us up to this month, we are now at the apex of evolution and revolution. The featured planets associated with this massive migration of change are what many have expected, and some have feared. In both Western as well as Vedic Astrology, this time was well spelled out, and even prophesized by many religions and prophets throughout history. As we begin this month, we must look towards the heavens and how it will dictate mankind’s fate.
We start this astrological process with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and most of all Eris. What you will notice is that all of the outer planets are very strongly represented in the New Moon configurations as this month begins to unfold. The October 30th New Moon set the stage for this eventful November which will be historic both astrologically, as well as for the annals of mankind’s history henceforth. With Mercury in close conjunction with the Sun and Moon on the 30th, we began our journey through these very trying times in the fourth quarter of this year. These manifestations of abrupt changes were well forecasted and predicted by me since August of 2015. The sign placement being Scorpio now becomes an added factor in these intensities and with the added influence of Mercury in the same degree and trine formation with Neptune in Pisces.
This Scorpio time of year, will deliver the final sting to those who have deceived the greater good with egregious ill intent. Neptune, along with the other outer planets are resolved now to allow the scales of Libra’s past influence in October to mingle with that of Scorpio in somewhat of a macabre ballet with a very powerful ending, thus bringing the abstract into full understanding for many.  Neptune’s numinous realities combined with the all-powerful Saturn and Pluto, will now allow the placements of Uranus with Eris to proceed unabated, and I assure everyone, we are in for one epic occurrence by our election date of November 8th, 2016, when this convergence descends in this first week of November. Thus, “There is a storm coming and very few are prepared.”

As this intense month cycle will bring about change, the likes no one has witnessed since that fall of Rome, a new dawn will have begun by the end of November into December


A New Dawn Will Have Begun By The End Of November

By With Venus in close aspect with Mercury and Mars at the timing of the mid-month Full Moon, this entire month will be punctuated and influenced by the first two weeks of November. As this intense month cycle will bring about change, the likes no one has witnessed since that fall of Rome, a new dawn will have begun by the end of November into December. Mars along with Eris will sound the battle-cry, and Fate along with Destiny will follow.
The new planet of Eris just beyond Pluto fully represents the astrological archetype of the effeminate spiritual warrior within our complex universe, and she will not take any hostages for those that oppose her will and might. One last time this year, she descends on mankind in order to influence a spiritual awakening to make good for the benefit of all mankind, and to avoid the abyss of revolution. By the time everything is said and done, mankind will remark on Eris’s committed presence during this upheaval in the terrible teens of the 21st century.

By the time of the First Quarter Moon on Monday, November 7th, the Sun and Moon will be closely aligned with both Saturn and Pluto, and in the same degree that they occupy. With Saturn almost exactly in parallel with Pluto, we can be assured that the fate of mankind’s very existence hinges on who becomes our nation’s 45th President of the United States of America.

No Matter The Outcome There Will Be An Evolution Of Revolution

World leaders are watching our election process intensely, and with a great degree of pensiveness because it will influence everything from trade, national and international security, alliances, the economy, and yes, even the possibility of war, as Mars also conjuncts at this time as well in this time of very serious flux and ambiguity. With the Full Moon of the following Monday, November 14th, at the 22° mark of Scorpio, and that the same degree that Eris occupies in Aries, our fate would have already been decided… Or has it? No matter the outcome, there will be the evolution of revolution, which I have forecasted for the last 16 months. A nation divided in its final outcome must be accepted and we must be prepared for it. Finally, many of my fellow colleagues concur. It will be a revolution between good vs. Evil, and justice vs. Injustice. It will be founded on the principles of our constitution, and the morals upheld by a fair and just society, but in its aftermath, the better good for all mankind will prevail as the universe will dictate and orchestrate its outcome. This should be a time for deep prayer and devoted spiritual meditation and awareness, as we collectively have casted, or will cast our votes not for only a President, but for the future and fate of mankind. It truly is hard to grasp that we have reached this precipice in history. It truly is difficult to fathom that this year alone, will also decide all laws that now govern us as a Republic and an Institution of freedom recognized with admiration from all around the world. As hard as these times are, we must be encouraged by our possible future, and the innocence that are depending on our generation to provide for their existence for generations to come. Please be conscious of your vote on November 8th, 2016. The entirety of our global society depends on it.