Get ready to welcome in a New Moon on Wednesday April 10, 2013 at 5:35 am Eastern Time. This time the Moon will be visiting the sign of Aries at about 20 degrees. New Moons are a great time to start fresh with new intentions. Spring is also in full swing, so this is a perfect opportunity to get out, get active and blossom!

Active Aries

The New Moon in the sign of the Ram promises lots of action and activity. Now that spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll be itching to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather. Take a walk, go on a picnic or plan a camping trip. Otherwise spend some time in your garden or yard. Dig in the soil, get your hands dirty and just have some fun!

New Moons are a great time to start fresh with new intentions.

Activity isn’t limited to the outdoors either. This is a great time to start any home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. Did you start your spring-cleaning yet? This New Moon will light a fire under your butt and get you motivated. Dust bunnies won’t stand a chance while under the influence of the Ram. You’ll meet your chores head on with enthusiasm and drive.

Also expect a great deal of hustle and bustle in other areas of your life. Work and career matters will likely heat up. Look for new projects, new business and some hot deadlines to meet. The same goes for home, school and personal ventures.

Hot Romance

If ever there was a time to start a spring fling, this is it! An Aries New Moon signals bold action and a “go for it” attitude. This energy also gets a boost from the recent conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aries. Passion, drama and excitement are highlighted right now. So if you have your eye on somebody new, this would be a good time to make that first date. There’s bound to be some good chemistry and sparks. At the very least, be sure to engage in some flirtatious behavior.

If you’re in a long-term relationship you won’t be left out. Use the energy of this New Moon to rekindle your romance. Why not renew your marriage vows or go on a second honeymoon? Do something amusing and spontaneous, particularly in the bedroom. Pretend you are teenagers again. It’s a time to be young at heart!

Courage and Conviction

Although this New Moon period will offer many opportunities for fun and excitement, there will be plenty of chances to display courage and find out what you’re really made of. Honor, valor and matters of personal conviction may surface at this time.

Have you ever seen gurus and their disciples participate in a ritual of walking over hot coals? A great deal of preparation, focus and commitment are needed before engaging in this act. Some view this as a test of courage, while others see it as just plain crazy. Let this be a metaphor for you at this New Moon. Are there things that you desperately want to try but don’t because you fear the reprisals of others? The astrological omens will help push you to go for it.

You may also find that you are called to fight some personal battles during this lunar period. Chances are you may but heads with a few people or even with yourself. Internal struggles over your beliefs versus society’s are quite possible. Like the Ram, it might be time to charge through and fight for what you value. While the battle may be challenging, you will see it through one way or another. Don’t worry; as long as you are honest, the stars are on your side.

Expect this New Moon to shake things up and get you moving. Enjoy the host of new beginnings available to you at this time. You will be inspired to grow and blossom in a number of ways. Let your life bloom!