The placement of the Moon in your natal chart shows the area in which emotions and feelings are most prevalent. It's responsible for how you react and your inner motivations-- driving forces. Once you know which of your houses the Moon is in, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Moon in First House

Indicates a fairly emotional person; you are sensitive, and your sensitivity extends to the compassion you feel towards others. You nurture people.

Moon in Second House

Sercurity (financial and material) is important to you. Money in the bank and possessions make you feel secure.

Moon in Third House

You value communication and the exchange of ideas. You love to debate, discuss, study and ponder. You listen well, but are often resistant to reconsidering your own opinions.

Once you know which of your houses the Moon is in, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Moon in Fourth House

Your home is your castle; it's your retreat. Hearth and home are most important to you in life, and you use it as a sanctuary and escape. You can be a little over-protective and controlling in domestic issues.

Moon in Fifth House

You're a very creative person, and expressing yourself creatively is not just a desire, but a need. You have a tendency to let your imagination run away sometimes and be overly-dramatic; you have to reel it in.

Moon in Sixth House

You're an efficient person, and everyone knows it. You're a perfectionist and a multitasker, but you can also get bored and always seek new situations. Too much stress can really impact your health.

Moon in Seventh House

You are quite empathic and people relate to you easily; as such, you are a social butterfly and well liked by many. You are a little overly-dependent on other people's acceptance of you and opinion of you.

Moon in Eight House

You have a sense of duty. You always feel obligated to do for others, even at the expense of your own needs and desires. In addition, you can be regimented and frugal. Sometimes you expect too much of yourself and need to cut yourself some slack.

Moon in Ninth House

You are a deep thinker. It is not work, fun or materialism that preoccupies you, but matters of mind and spirit-- religion, philosophy, broadening and expanding your horizons. You envision a better future, but sometimes you can be fickle about what's going on in the present. You need to look down sometimes to make sure your feet are still planted on the ground.

Moon in Tenth House

The idea of being a successful, influential person is what appeals to you most. You want to be a role model and admired for your achievements. Sometimes you can be overly-ambitions and need to remind yourself of your priorities.

Moon in Eleventh House

Being with like-minded individuals and finding home in a community are what makes you feel happy and secure. You are not a loner, you want to be part of a team and feel things are best when everyone works for a common good. You can be a little too quick to sacrifice your individuality and personal needs for the group and sometimes have to keep yourself in check.

Moon in Twelfth House

You are more of an introvert and a loner; it's not that you don't like people, you just prize private and quiet time. When involved with others, it doesn't take long before you need to recharge. You can have problems expressing yourself and sometimes use this as an excuse to isolate yourself.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to understanding the Moon’s influence, however you can see that where the Moon lands on your chart can make quite a difference in the person you turn out to be.