With the year 2012 and all the ‘doomsday’ prophecies that people have been focusing on for what seems like years now, few people have taken the initiative to look ahead.

We have to remember that after December 21st, life is going to go on. 2013 is on the horizon and it’s time to start looking past the winter solstice and into the next year.

Everyone’s individual chart and influences are going to vary, but there are some key astrological events in play in 2013 forecast that you should know about. Some of these highlights are listed here.

Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto has just passed its alignment with the galactic center and continues to be in Capricorn up until the year 2023; it's been there since 2008.

Pluto's job is to get rid of anything that interferes with the new emerging evolution, particularly our relationship to the planet and each other. This is why we've been experiencing more and more upheavals both in nature and in society, and that's not about to change.

We have to remember that after December 21st, life is going to go on. 2013 is on the horizon and it’s time to start looking past the winter solstice and into the next year.

This upheaval is scary, but it does serve a purpose: sometimes the old formations need to be destroyed to make way for new growth. So, sadly, expect governmental and economic upheaval to continue, as well as these unusual natural disasters and weather patterns. The thing to remember with this long transition is that there is a great light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturn in Scorpio

This past October (2012), Saturn entered Scorpio and it will remain there until well into the dawn of 2015. This transit is what will lead to a new hope for the future. People are going to be prompted to really look within and reassess their values and priorities in these times of upheaval.

Individuals are going to begin to address their own motives and re-assess how their own choices-- their actions as well as their inactions -- have affected them. They’re going to stop pointing fingers at each other and start looking within.

During this period of introspection, a lot of people are going to start letting go of old ideas and behaviors that just don't serve them anymore and take on a new sense of personal responsibility.

It is this transformation of the individuals which will be like a re-ordering of most basic building blocks-- until we address our own internal flaws, we can never work together to solve the bigger problems in society.

Mercury will be in retrograde from February 23/24 to March 17/18, June 26/27 through July 20/21 and October 21/22 through November 10/11 (the moment it goes into retrograde for you depends, of course, on your specific location).

Since Retrograde Mercury is a bad time to begin anything new or make any plans, these will be key times to take advantage of this period of self-examination and for you to willingly spend time in contemplation.

Jupiter enters Cancer

By the end of June, Jupiter will enter Cancer and we're going to find a bit of a relief-- we're going to find families and communities starting to seriously pull together.

We're going to be tired of all the upheaval and change; people are going to look with longing at simpler times with longing and start being nostalgic for the comforts and stability of hearth and home. ‘Smaller and sweeter’ is going to become the new ‘bigger and better’.

We're going to seek to come together, to start rebuilding from the ground up-- we'll want to nurture each other, and be nurtured. We’ll want to be reminded that we’re not alone and seek out camaraderie.

Major changes will keep going on so we'll take refuge in each other and in the simpler joys in life; we'll finally start appreciating the little things again in a big way for a while, and it will bring a collective sigh of relief.

This will continue into the summer of 2014, and will be a time of comfort—embrace it and recharge your batteries, we’re not out of the storm yet but we’re getting there.

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