Key Planets This Month That Will Be Featured

After a very long and unprecedented Mercury retrograde, we are finally out of its grip and finally back to the strength this month in Gemini will provide along with its resources to make up for lost time. There are key planets this month that will be featured. They are; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and last but not least Eris. Venus will finally enter her own sign of Taurus this month on June 6th, after a very long stay in Aries due to the very long March-April retrograde in Mercury and Venus.

After a very long and unprecedented Mercury retrograde, we are finally out of its grip and finally back to the strength this month in Gemini will provide along with its resources to make up for lost time.

Tremendous Opportunities In Communication And Relationships

Before the month began, from mid-Aries, Venus perfectly squared Pluto in the May 25th New Moon which will make a perfect trine to Saturn in the First Quarter Moon of June 1st. This is happening while Mercury enters its sign of Gemini on the afternoon of the same day. This now opens up tremendous opportunities in communication and relationships which have been stifled in their own retrograde positions. Mars in the New Moon comes into a very interesting 23° of Gemini placing him in direct opposition to Saturn in the perfect sextile to Eris at this degree of Aries with Uranus very close. This will be a very interesting time for all of us as we re-enter into the endless possibilities of the spring/summer. With all of this new and revitalized energies flowing freely, we might even have to slow down to catch our breath. Pace yourselves at this time! Do not overwhelm yourselves into a frenzy of attempting to catch up for lost time.

Endless Possibilities

The inner planets are all dynamically placed in this fascinating month of endless possibilities. Saturn is in close trine with Eris and Uranus and less than one degree separating them at the New Moon timing, giving us a more of a conservative approach to wild expectations. This is why I am emphasizing a conservative pace for now in love, romance, career, and family. Venus will jump out at us many times this month throwing us off-guard to romantic possibilities if you are watching closely. Be keenly aware of your surrounding especially if you are in a new circle of friends, or introduced to someone that catches your eye. Get my drift? *smiling*.

Spring/Summer Plans Should Be Made Early This Year

Many previous principles and ideologies have changed this year within oneself, and for the most part, that is a welcomed change. 2017 was never to be like 2016 and we must remember that if you want progression this year. After June 1st, you will see more positive change as we can finally breathe again, and get used to this “new skin” we are wearing. Spring/Summer plans should be made early this year, and the sooner the better. Trips and vacations should be planned out no later than the 9th of next month if you can. Career obstacles experienced since the end of March will now go into a forward and positive motion.

Pace Yourselves

There are only two very apparent downfalls this month that I must warn you about. Overstraining yourselves into a frenzy causing health issues, and younger children under the age of 18 years old. Once again, pace yourselves. With all of this exuberant energy, children under the age of 18 especially, will be running on all 12 cylinders and very hyperactive. Make sure you have plenty for them to do so they do not wear on nerves and time.


Politically, the 4th of July fireworks start early this month as new revelations surface causing great strain worldwide. Please keep abreast on “real news” rather than going for the spin on things by less than journalistic reporting. In the age we are in, it is very easy to be influenced by false reporting, false narratives, and one-sided opinions generated by less than journalistic values, so please be acutely aware of this before starting an argument politically. As we all know, social media can be a treacherous medium to use when facts are to be contemplated and gathered. Just use caution in these areas this month and next.

Exciting Month To Pursue

The month of June will be a very exciting month to pursue achievements that were missed last year at this time, and left you empty handed. Great strides in the areas I outlined can be made this month that will ensure a happier spring and summer if you take the time to plot out your plans and adhere to these responsibilities. Have a GREAT start to you month of June, and we all have so much to look forward to in the days ahead!