January 2018 Astrology Update

Growing Pains

In order to structure a new slate or “beginning” of this New Year, we must be fully aware of our worth and strive to not only keep it, but enhance it as well. Many of my people are experiencing the cycle in life when we are faced with the “letting go” of our children as new adults in this ever changing world. Many of our children in the last decade are now off to college or have entered into the workplace. We are experiencing the same growing pains as our children are now.

In order to structure a new slate or “beginning” of this New Year, we must be fully aware of our worth and strive to not only keep it, but enhance it as well.

Anger And Frustration With Those We Care For

The Last Quarter Moon in Libra on January 4th represented quite an important juncture in this New Year because at 18°+ of Libra and Capricorn, the Moon and Sun closely aspect by square and conjunction, and the positions of both Venus and Pluto all within a very rare triple conjunction of Sun, Venus, and Pluto are within one half of a degree in our heavens. Venus close to the Sun and Pluto and a mere 27 minutes of a degree away. Once again, this emphasizes the dark side of Venus I mentioned in my first report this year. Mars in Scorpio is also in the picture being in precise sextile to this opposition of Pluto.
These elements will cause anger and frustration with those we care deeply for if they seem to not to be participating in their own goals for independence this year. This also includes siblings, children, and friends. Many do not seem to understand (sometimes including ourselves), that this year’s prospects are motivated by action and not procrastination. This is why it is incumbent for all of us to strive for greater joy and harmony now that we have the time to seize the moment. Our individual Psyche is now coupled with the power of the Venus-Pluto conjunction now greatly emphasized by the Sun and Moon in square.

Give Me More Attitude Will Not Work

Those of us that provided decades of support to other’s (including our children) will find a strong need now to seek the shelter to analyze ourselves in providing our own base for happiness, better health, and prosperity. Without us all not being strong as we enter this year, weakness will provide our loved ones nothing in return, and leave us once again ravaged by giving out more of ourselves than what has been returned, leaving us feeling barren by spring. The emotional canopy of a, “give me more” attitude will not work for us this year leading into 2020. We must all emphasize to other’s that they can stand on their own two feet in obtaining their objectives as what we need to do as well.
This triple conjunction in the sign of Capricorn has added significance since the Winter Solstice last month, noting the elevated presence of Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler. Another archetype Planet (Jupiter) is also in our midst in the recent January 6th timing of this conjunction with Mars promoting self-worth and integrity in our lives.

Quick And Long Lasting Deals Can Me Made

Right now, all the planets line-up within one half of the chart, increasing the intensity of this moment in time as we start into the first progression into this new month and New Year. Great strides now can be made in areas of health, careers, finances, and individual prosperity “if” we learn to let go of the drag by others. Quick and long lasting deals can be made if you strive this month and next in career changes, asking for that much needed raise, selling or buying property, legal matters, and contracts. Do this before we get into the first Mercury retrograde period of March and April of this year. If you are scheduling a surgery or medical evaluation/procedure, do this now also. This is the first year that we are now synchronizing our positions with our personal planets since 1986. If you make this work for you early this year, you will have no regrets by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Dependency Or Co-Dependency Will Not Work

The prosperity of this New Year started very early, and the “early bird always catches the worm.” Lingering onto a dysfunctional relationship left over from last year or decades earlier? In order to progress, one must never digress. Make your stance known now that you will not be intimidated by love not returned, or lack of emotional support. Survival this year means sustenance. Letting go is always a hard thing to do if it comes down to that, but holding onto the thorns of a rose does not promote its beauty if you get my drift. Letting friends and family know early on this year that you no longer can be the sole provider for them emotionally or financially, is a must in order for your own seeds in life to grow, and they must learn and set individual goals for themselves. Dependency or co-dependency will not work in 2018 any longer.