January 2017 Astrology Update

A Rush To Judgment Could Have Consequences

I have so many things to cover as we start the beginning of this New Year in 2017. We are in the midst of this last and most powerful Mercury retrograde that officially started last year on December 19th. As of Thursday of this week, we are at the apex of this rocky start to the year. Now that we are in this cycle, we can expect great anticipation yet still held back by confusion, and a profound lack of discernment. In the absence of our communicating planet of Mercury, some important information right now is left in a communication void that we will soon recover from. Now is not the time to make irrational decisions based on unfounded or unsubstantiated information. A rush to judgement now could have consequences once we are completely out of the Mercury retrograde shadow. We are very much tensed by the remnants of what 2016 did not evolve to, and our fears are compounded by the evolution and prospects of what this New Year will evolve to. There is a silver lining to all of this inner hysteria right now, so please use patience which none of us really have after 2016 right!? LOL!

Now is not the time to make irrational decisions based on unfounded or unsubstantiated information

Pitfalls To Watch Out For

Our transformation into this new and bold frontier of 2017 is indeed impeded by this Mercury retrograde, but this is by far not doom and gloom as it may seem. Not even close as to what we experienced at the beginning of 2016. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls to watch out for astrologically. For those who are astrologically acute, let me proceed as to why the above was aforementioned, and I will give you the analysis in simplified terms following my update.

Remnants Of 2016 Irrelevant As This Month Passes

Thursday’s First Quarter Moon will delegate the outcome for January of 2017. It features Jupiter-Uranus, Saturn-Uranus, and Uranus-Pluto. Can you now see where I am going with this? These heightened aspects are also triggered by the Sun and Moon positioning with both Jupiter and Saturn aspect, and likened to the Uranus / Eris midpoint. Uranus remains for the entirety of this winter and early spring within two degrees of Eris. Eris now greatly magnifies any planet she now comes into contact with. With the planets of Uranus with Jupiter opposed in this well-orchestrated dance, we now will come up with the brilliance of innovative thinking, thus making the remnants of 2016 irrelevant as this month passes.

Accommodate What Is Expected To Come

With Pluto also featured in this First Quarter Moon, and in the middle degree of Capricorn, we will see a close forming conjunction with Pluto. With both Uranus and Pluto greatly emphasized, we now have a very strong re-emergence of Uranus-Pluto. That is why we are in these evolutionary and revolutionary times remarked by the mid-to late sixties of the past century. January 19th at 7:27 p.m. EST, all of these aspects will come into play with the Last Quarter Moon sending and empowering this message, and that is to accept these changes, or be denied the opportunities quite simply put. Now prior to that date, we have the Full Moon on the 12th one week before. At that time, it would be very wise to accommodate what is expected to come on the 19th. Leading up to these dates and times, we can expect to see a great amount of saber rattling in our Nation’s Capital and elsewhere where change will be still fought against, and not gallantly by any means. Every aspect of our newly forming universe for this year heralds in a new beginning and a new slate for us all to look forward to. To have a myopic view now towards our future will only place one’s self back into 2016. Capricorn will long be remembered in 2017 as the month that started progress for those willing to accept it. Aquarius by months end, will eliminate the Mercury retrograde shadow by the 27th, and quickly make up for lost time. 2017 could be the best year ever for many in at least the last two decades, if you are willing to let go and dispose of all past disappointments and indiscretions. All within the Zodiacal family will benefit this year. In the very beginning it will be Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius, because these signs were influential towards the forming of the nucleus of our future.

New Wisdom

Great new wisdoms can be attained by those in 2017 associated with these signs. We can all learn from their personal transitions. The rest of the Zodiacal family will soon follow quickly in February!