Astrology is a complex system. A lot of people are confused about what it really is and what it can do— they end up being total skeptics or buying into every little online horoscope advertisement. Neither of these approaches is putting astrology to its full potential in your life.

The financial crisis as of late has a lot more people in a panic and concerned about the future; it’s exactly times like this when astrology can be most beneficial. While astrology can’t tell you whether you’re in for a certain financial boom, or headed for financial ruin, it can give you insight to help you make sound financial decisions.

Career Choices

Astrology can give you an idea of which careers you’re best suited for success. For example, a Virgo may be well suited to a career as an editor or detective, where he can put his eye for details to good use. On the other hand, a Scorpio, with his ability to focus, use reason and be objective, might be best suited for a career in science.

Astrology can give you an idea of which careers you’re best suited for success.

Keep in mind, however, that you are more than the sum of your Sun sign. While a Sun sign is a huge influence in your general personality and how you present yourself to the world, it’s not the only influence. When trying to determine in which careers you might find the most success, it’s recommended you get a full natal chart done as opposed to relying exclusively on your Sun sign.

Business Decisions

Once you’ve established yourself on a career path, you’ll find that there are many business decisions you’ll be faced with. This is especially true if you work as an entrepreneur, in sales or in highly competitive careers. There are always going to be contracts, meetings or negotiations on the horizon, and taking a peek at the upcoming planetary influences can really help you determine if timing is favorable or if you should duck and cover.

For example, when the Sun is in Pisces, it is a good time to plan ahead-- intuition is particularly sensitive at this time. When Mars is in Pisces, people have a tendency to become scattered and derailed from goals-- you can prepare for that by getting the checklists ready ahead of time to make sure you stay on track.


There are certainly more favorable times to take risks; whether you want to invest more aggressively or head for a weekend in Vegas, checking the stars can help you determine if you’ll end up on top of the heap, or buried by it.

One thing you can learn is the area in which risks pay off biggest for you. For example, if Jupiter is in your fifth house, you will generally do better with games of chance or betting on sports; if Jupiter is in your eight house, it would be wiser to put your money to a well-rounded investment portfolio rather than lottery tickets and slot machines.

Another thing your chart can tell you when it comes to luck is when your own unfavorable conditions can be counter-balanced by the transitioning planets. For example, casinos are not going to usually be kind to people with Saturn in the 5th house, but there’s no reason you can’t go and have some luck if you plan your trip well with transitioning Venus in Taurus. You still may not win big, but at least you won’t lose your shirt.

Specifics are Important

Everyone’s individual charts will vary and always plays a role in how things turn out; that’s why no article can tell you when you, specifically, will be fortunate or when your luck will run out; or when your hard work will pay off or when it will be a waste of your effort. But once you have that chart in hand, you’ll have the key to future success.