We love to follow astrology because we hope to learn about our fate and gain a sense of control. Although you can spend hours plotting out every planet and position, there are still some surprises that come along in everyone’s chart.

Occasionally we all need a good kick in the pants to get moving and advance in our spiritual growth. In cases like these, astrology has its own wild cards ready and waiting for us—eclipses.

What Is An Eclipse?

Astronomers classify an eclipse as a blocking of light from a planetary body. It can refer to any planet and its relationship with a satellite or sun, not just ours. But of course we are most familiar with the eclipses we experience here on planet earth—solar and lunar eclipses.

Astrologically speaking an eclipse can represent a wild card in life.

Astrologically speaking an eclipse can represent a wild card in life. It can be a harbinger of unexpected news (good or bad) or a big event. Whatever the result, eclipses are not meant to scare or frustrate you. Ultimately they are for your growth and learning.

If you consider the definition even further it goes beyond astronomy and astrology. It can also mean a loss of importance or standing. Something gets overshadowed by comparison. This can be a great metaphor for life. Eclipses and their news can shake us up and change our focus. They help shine the light on what really matters.

Solar Eclipses

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the Sun, cutting off the Sun’s light from our view. A solar eclipse always coincides with a new moon. Astrologically speaking a new moon is a time of new beginnings. Add a solar eclipse and it really boosts the new moon’s power. Beginnings will ramp up and be big. Things could also end, but the focus is primarily on the start of something new.

During a solar eclipse you could experience a marriage or proposal, a pregnancy or the birth of a child. You might start a new job or move into a new home. Your new business might be ready to launch or you could be starting school. Whatever occurs depends largely on where the eclipse falls in your individual horoscope chart. Even if you are not personally affected by any big news, chances are someone around you will be. Something is bound to happen somewhere when an eclipse rolls around.

Lunar Eclipses

A lunar eclipse occurs when earth comes between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the Sun’s light to the moon. A lunar eclipse always coincides with a full moon. The eclipses adds power to the full moon, so whatever goes on will be intensified. Lunar eclipses focus on endings or culminations.

During a lunar eclipse you could go through a break up or divorce. You might finish a huge project for work or complete a course of study. That house of yours that was on the market forever could finally sell. Legal proceedings could also reach a conclusion. News at this time could positive or negative but it will be emotional either way. The moon represents our emotions so when eclipsed it can magnify your feelings. Finally, a lunar eclipse gives you the perfect opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve you.

Playing the Wild Card

Knowing that major events can happen during eclipses can be helpful. Like the saying goes, “being forewarned is being forearmed.” It does not necessarily mean that bad things will happen, but you may face some challenges. The key is to learn how to play the wild card.

So even if an eclipse throws something crazy at you—you still have the power. You get to decide how you handle the jackpot or the booby prize. At the end of the day, an eclipse provides you a chance to find out what you can accomplish regardless of the circumstances. And that makes you a winner!