Full Moon December 3rd, Marked Two Important Astrological Combinations

Sunday morning’s Super Full Moon on December 3rd, marked two very important and somewhat fateful astrological combinations. The first is Mercury now in retrograde and moving slowly backward through the last 4° of Sagittarius, and only one degree from conservative Saturn, which is about to conjunct with the contrasting trickster Uranus which is also another archetype planet. So if you were wondering why the ending of last week and through the weekend was somewhat confusing and disoriented, then now you know why. We have so many astrological events that are going on right now, and will continue through this last month of 2017, that I will attempt to dilute its consistency to make them better to swallow and digest. In addition to this extra potent Mercury retrograde that has just begun, we must take the time to be introspective and provide ourselves with self-study. In addition to our current astrological events from this Full Moon, we have the numinous Neptune making a tight T-square with the Sun in its own sign of Pisces which is the purveyor of illusion and mystical thinking.

We have so many astrological events that are going on right now, and will continue through this last month of 2017, that I will attempt to dilute its consistency to make them better to swallow and digest.


Avoid Important Decisions Until End Of The Week

The very strong Neptune presence in Sunday’s Full Moon configuration will linger well into Thursday of this week making thinking and awareness a little “fuzzy”. This astrological “hangover” is not the time to direct one’s-self into making financial decisions or any other important decisions such as; signings, contracts, legal matters, conversations with customer service, etc. Avoid such at least until the end of the week when these affects wear out by Friday especially.

The final 4th Quarter Mercury Retrogrades Is Always The Hardest

Mercury retrograde will officially end on December 22nd, but for many, the Mercury shadow will be lingering on until January 10th, 2018.Nevertheless, we must all persevere through this natural astrological process. This is also bad timing for yearly renewals, new contracts to be signed, and taxes to be finalized, or at the very least begun. The final 4th quarter Mercury retrogrades is always the hardest to contend with because they insist on so much attention to detail. Procrastination now, means headache later. This I can promise you! Vehicles need serviced? Better do this now before we get into the apex of the Mercury retrograde starting next week for the two weeks that follow. Do not miss important dates and appointments! By months end, you will be paying the price for this as well. Even simple things like mailing out holiday cards and gifts late, will cause you frustration by delayed receipt of your cards and gifts.

Do Your Holiday Shopping As Early As Possible

Remember! Anything dealing with communication at this time will be met with resistance, so please take the time for full preparation before speaking to customer service reps, your attorney, or people that will be making decisions for you, as they will be affected by this Mercury retrograde as well. With the three archetype planets playing so heavily here as well as their associations, one must never be misinformed, or not informed at all as to what to expect now as we get into holiday mode. I would also suggest that you do your holiday shopping as early as possible to avoid any added aggravation. What will make this experience easier to cope with is that we have Chiron (The wounded healer) featured this week on Tuesday, December 5th at 24°, and forming a semi-sextile to Uranus in Aries. This will help ease the tensions brewing with all of the holiday hustle and bustle.

The Universe Unfolds As It Should

Road rage and the semi-conscious drivers now, are thanks to the luminous Neptune and the trickster Uranus effect. Use the conservative and diplomatic energies of Saturn to avoid conflict, while still using caution when driving and dealing other drivers. Do you’re very best to appreciate loved ones and friends at this time. Many just need a few words of comfort and encouragement only you can provide. The universe unfolds as it should, and we have all survived much worse. If you keep pace ahead of this storm, then the rainbow thereafter will be that much more appreciated.