Thinking about getting a psychic reading? There are many different kinds of psychics out there with all sorts of specialties. Which one should you choose? Look to your Sun sign to help you find the perfect reader.


A forward thinker like you needs a no-nonsense psychic who can peer into the future quickly, while being direct. Look for a clairvoyant who advertises “no sugar coating” in their bio.

You appreciate quality and always look for the best. Nothing less than a five star psychic will do.


Since you are sensual and tactile, you’d do well with a more interactive reading. Go see a psychic who is also a palm reader. This way you get the tactile experience along with your reading.


A chatterbox like you needs a psychic who knows how to listen. Find one who is an empath. He or she will be more likely to sit back and let you do the talking before giving advice.


Being nostalgic as most Cancers are, you would benefit from a reading with a medium. This kind of psychic connects with departed family and friends. Who better to get advice from?


You appreciate quality and always look for the best. Nothing less than a five star psychic will do. Find a psychic who is has impeccable credentials and plenty of rave reviews from clients.


An organized person like you has probably done some research on psychics already. However, you may appreciate one that incorporates the precise study of astrology or numerology along with intuition.


With a love and appreciation of art and beauty, you would probably enjoy a psychic reading that uses the Tarot. The colorfully illustrated cards will appeal to your artistic side.


As one who appreciates digging deep within, a psychic who focuses on past lives would be a good choice. This way you can explore the past choices that affect your present and future.


Your optimistic and philosophical nature would benefit from almost any psychic, but one who looks at auras might be of interest to you.


A driven, go-getter person like you would get a great reading from a business intuitive. A psychic like this can help advise you how to climb the corporate ladder and grab life’s brass ring.


Eclectic and sometimes eccentric, you need a psychic with something extra. A channeler might be your best bet. You never know who they’ll invite in to give you a reading.


Sensitive and intuitive yourself, you need a gentle and uplifting psychic reader. Look for one who works with angels and you won’t be disappointed.